Eyes like Stars

Eyes like Stars:
By: Lisa Mantchev

Beatrice Shakespeare Smith (they call her Bertie) a rebel 17-years- old is having a hard time getting the people to know her and understand her. She lives in a theatre even if she isn’t in any play. Then we meet four fairies; Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed; that are like the only friends of her and they are very naughty (haha) they play a lot, fight a lot and they do pretty much just what they want. Nate, a pirate with black hair and eyes that is pretty “normal” makes Bertie blush and feel some things that in my opinion she doesn’t accept first. Now I have to say that when I read about Ariel the first time I start to giggle! *blushes* I mean… the way he talks, like the wind, and his silver hair, he’s tall… in simple words? Beautiful and yet dark in emotions. Perfect for me. Anyway. We can see at first that Bertie doesn’t want to show how hurt she actually is with him, because of what happened when they were younger; they didn’t wanted Bertie to be with him.  Later on she has to show the theatre she can do something, becuase if she doesn’t she has to go. The Book. When I read the name I always knew it hold something. The Book it’s not just a normal book where it held all the plays ever written- but it’s also a bond where no one can get out of the theatre!. and Ariel wants to free himself from there and the only way to escape or get out is take out all the pages from the book. While chaos is happening, because of doing damage to the book, Nate is taken away from Bertie by no other than the Sea Godess. Also Bertie discovers who is her mother; who is Ophelia, the only one who had ever gotten out; but now Bertie decides to go and find who is her father and find Nate with Ariel and her fairies.

* I have to say I really loved this book. It has action, magic and romance. I simply loved it.
* I think her father may be the very same father of the Sea Goddess, Sedna . Yes I know it sounds crazy, but in the story when Sedna tried to take her she couldn’t because it was “his” so because of that Sedna took Nate.
* FIVE STARS to this awesome book.

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