Dreamhouse Kings Book#1: House of dark shadows

Dreamhouse Kings book #1: HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS
By: Robert Liparulo
When the Kings move from L.A. to a secluded small town, fifteen-year-old Xander is beyond disappointed. He and his friends loved to create amateur films . . . but the tiny town of Pinedale is the last place a movie buff and future filmmaker wants to land.

But he, David, and Toria are captivated by the many rooms in the old Victorian fixer-upper they moved into–as well as the heavy woods surrounding the house.

They soon discover there’s something odd about the house. Sounds come from the wrong directions. Prints of giant, bare feet appear in the dust. And when David tries to hide in the linen closet, he winds up in locker 119 at his new school.

Then the really weird stuff kicks in: they find a hidden hallway with portals leading off to far-off places–in long-ago times. Xander is starting to wonder if this kind of travel is a teen’s dream come true . . . or his worst nightmare.

My review: ( SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    It all starts with them in a car saying how uncomfortable they are waiting to get to the new place they were heading. I didn’t liked the bear that Toria had; it was so psycho that girl with the bear but in the end ( of this bok) it kind of help having the bear around, since it recorded something the man that took their mother said. At first I didn’t knew what the first pages of the book (when it was 30-thirty years ago) ment, but at the end I knew and it’s just sad. I also thought it was going to be a scary story, but it turns out it’s about portals and rooms with portals and that is cool… not scary but cool. When they find for first time one of the portals and they are like in 5 seconds in their school, I was like WHOA when/how/ WHAT? and well that was just pretty darn weird. Anyway this book made me sad when their father told them he was the kid of seven years old trying to the same they were doing: save their mom… so I think this new adventure is about looking for their mom and if they can their grandmother too, whom I think that big stupid man, that is like damn immortal xD, took too. I’m looking forward to know MORE! And well the adventures were kind of cool, besides being scary and OH I liked that their parents gave them posters related to their name 😉 and lol David’s one was naked hahaha.



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