My first GIVEAWAY!!!

   Well hello I know I don’t have a lot of followers, but even so I am SO excited with Halloween ( as I’m always been) that I want to give away some books… besides even better that my birthday is coming in two days!!!!

   R.L. Stine’s Real Story! ( found it in his website )

   R.L. Stine says he has a great job: “My job is to give kids the CREEPS!”
R.L.’s books are read all over the world. So far, he has sold over 350 million books, making him one of the best-selling children’s authors in history.
He was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1943. His mother, Anne Stine, was a homemaker and his father, Lewis Stine, was a shipping clerk. He has a younger brother and sister– Bill and Pam. No one in his family ever called him R.L. Everyone calls him Bob.

When Bob was nine, he found an old typewriter up in the attic. That discovery changed his life. He carried it down to his room and started typing stories and little joke books.
His mother begged him to go outside and play. But Bob always said it was too boring outside. He stayed in his room typing away– and he has been writing ever since.
In school, Bob was not a great student. He got mostly B’s, but he never studied very hard.
He spent most of his time writing stories and joke magazines. He was terrible in math, and he hated gym class. The only sport he was ever good at was ping pong!
After graduating from Ohio State University in 1965, Bob headed to New York City to become a writer. He wrote dozens of joke books and humor books for kids. And he created Bananas, a zany humor magazine which he did for ten years. In those days, he wrote under the name Jovial Bob Stine.

He married Jane Waldhorn in 1969. Jane became an editor and writer, and they worked together on several children’s books. Later, Jane and her partner formed their own publishing company, Parachute Press, and helped create all of R.L.’s most popular book series.
In 1986, R.L. turned scary!
He wrote his first teen horror novel, Blind Date, which became an instant best-seller. Many scary novels followed, including Beach House, Hit And Run, The Babysitter, and The Girlfriend.
GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There will be TWO lucky winners!!!
– Say Cheese and Die!
– The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb
– Let’s get invisible!
-Welcome to Dead House
– Stay out of the Basement ( I really liked this one !)
– Monster Blood ( MY FAV!)
 RULES: ( U.S ONLY. sorry guys ;(  )
– You have to be a follower ( leave username in comment)+3
– Twitter follower ( if you have it) +1
– Twitt about it! +1
– Leave a comment saying what you like about halloween or if you don’t like it what… etc just talk to me 😉 +1
-Total points if you do everything is 6.

10 thoughts on “My first GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. GFC: mommy0306!/okmommy0306/status/129719284984315904Congrats on your first giveaway. and i'm thrilled they're RL stine books. i loved r l stine. especially fear street. my son is at the point now where he's starting to read those books too so i would love to win some for him!!!i do follow your blog as mommy0306 and i tweeted about it. 🙂 Thank you for fixing it. 🙂 i still have a time with the spanish but i've kind of gotten it figured out. ;-)Terri Mmy email is

  2. hi i have to comment anonymous cause goggle and i are fighting. at least i hope this is anonymous cause your stuff is in spanish and i don't know any spanish, lol ok first i am a gfc follower as jscddmji followed you on twitter as joannie1956. and twittered,!/joannie1956/status/130485001375584257 now for halloween i just watch movies and take pictures of all the kids when they come to the door. thats all i can do now since i am disabled and i love it. so funny. thanks joannie jscddmj[at]aol[dot]comtotal point 6 i think

  3. GFC name: janiera I love the candy and seeing all of the cute little kids in the costumes.I love goosebumps so thank you for he giveaway!prettyhaydengurl@yahoo.com4 points

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