Sex Stalker, book 1 and 2


Sex Stalker
                   by Darren G. Burton

Ryan’s life is dull and boring. That is, until the mysterious M comes along. Ryan’s life goes from mundane to exciting when a secret admirer starts leaving messages on his car and sending him lewd emails. She calls him for phone sex with the promise of meeting in the flesh.

Will Ryan finally meet the mysterious M and discover her true identity? And what promiscuous acts does she have in store for him when they do meet? Find out in Sex Stalker.

     Ryan’s a forty-three man with a boring job and a boring life; as for his job is as a financial advisor for small businesses. He had been married and divorced twice… and rightnow he was all alone. This stalker starts sending him messages about how hot he was and how horny it made her. One of the first messages was:
“I want to suck your big cock dry” LOL! I laughed when he choked on his food, as I was just as stunned as him. Anyway this M is not that stupid when it comes to choosing, as our Ryan being more mature is still in really good shape; flat stomach ! hot!.  Their first sex thing they had was phone sex. Later on when they really have something is when she tells her to meet in Red Lion Motel at room one…..

What will happen in this meeting in flesh with M? Will he know who she is?…. find out!

“Just a silhouette of a woman with a classic hourglass shape…”

Sex Stalker


Sex Stalker #2: Exposed
                                       by Darren G. Burton

After two LONG week for Ryan, M decides to play again another game… web cam sex! M promises that after this “game” he will get to know who she is.

Description of M: Her hair was long and blonde, with some soft ringlets at the ends. M was beautiful in a classic way, with small nose, high cheekbones, dark eyebrows tapered at the end and eyes the colour of rare sapphires. And tanned body.

They meet at M’s beach house!


I gave 4 stars to this one ’cause the author didn’t really gave away any detail about M being his boss daughter. Melissa said while they were in bed:

” So “, she began. ” Whos’ the whore you’ve dragged in this time, Dad?”!!!!!


Sex Stalker 2: Exposed



by Tim O’Rourke
Vampire Shift  (Kiera Hudson Series, #1)


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