Gleaming White (Kindred Curse Anthology, #1)

Gleaming White (Kindred Curse Anthology, #1)
                                                                             by: Terra Harmony
Their very blood betrays them.

A disease passed to each new generation of descendants attracts vampires. Pieces of family history and the secrets to survival are lost as the lineage progresses. The Kindred Curse Anthology prequels lead you back in time, revealing the root of a dynasty’s plight and a beginning that ultimately transcends the families end.

          At the age of 22, Isabelle starts having the same nightmares she had years ago about her twin sister, Gabriella, dying in the fire. Because of the nightmares, that perhaps they are a warning, they took the wrong turn and decided to stay in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where Isabelle, in the local library, found a book named Upior.

Upior: Yellowed, hardcover book. The word, it was one of the first known words that meant vampire. It was written in foreing language, but it was based on vampires; had vampire pictures. But more strange someone had put some papers with the translation of some parts. She’s the choosen one, besies having such a blood that vampires desire. She’s corned by four vampires but as she remembers a chant in the book Upior, comes Xavier, a powerful vampire, that not only being a elder he has magic and can have and give anything wanted…. but his most desire is Isabelle, as she is beautiful, he loves her, and her blood.

The origin of Isabelle’s family, is that someone in the past survived the “poison” of a vampire, therefore, there was always something in her blood that called the vampires to finish what had begun. Become a vampire.

I think Isabelle, besides the hot sex she had with the beautiful Xavier, she does loves him but in my opinion not more than him… he decides to bring back from the death her twin sister, Gabriella, but at a great cost. Dying. Again.


Isabelle-> She has curly, golden-brown hair. Xavier calls her Kitten. She’s 22.

Gabriella-> It’s the same as Isabelle, only with red hair. She was dead.

 Xavier-> Has green eyes, like jades. He… was ( so sad.) an elder, a vampire. He was very powerful and stong.

The translation of the book:

1) The Old
2) Vampire Maturity
3) The Elders-> This one explained that the Elders differed from other in the vampire race, often choosing human life over their own kind, and able to be called upon to do so by humans themselves.

The chant she used to be saved… and her destiny to face:

” Hail the elder nearest, ruler of the night; Guard me and mine until the dawn’s light”

                                            Gleaming White (Kindred Curse Anthology, #1)



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