The New Death and others

The New Death and others
                                          by: James Hutchings

The New Death and othersDeath gets a roommate…

An electronic Pope faces a difficult theological question…

A wicked vizier makes a terrible bargain…

44 stories. 19 poems. No whiny vampires. There’s a thin line between genius and insanity, and James Hutchings has just crossed it – but from which direction?

Okay. I think I expected more of hm dark stuff which I really like to read… but well I decided to keep it up. Don’t take me bad, it was really funny but some stories were like… what are you just doing here? It’s not even finished even if is really short but here I will tell you my favorite ones! And let me tell you there are alot of stories in the same place… named Telelee….it reminds me of a tribe lol. Anyway:
1) How the Isle of Cats Got Its Name-.> I really liked how it ended it. Serves her right! we should ALL love cats, and what better example with a fantasy short storie of a sorceress Abi-simti.
2) The Scholar and the Moon-> Wow this one is pretty good. I really liked the thing that even if he knew he was an out-cast he felt proud of being so and even brave that he wanted to show the others. But there’s always evil in the corners…of this book.
3) When Love Calls-> Just…wtf LOL hahaha sorry it just reminds me of most of the teenagers in this age that can’t leave without their phone.
4) Death and the Merchant-> It remind me of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, with the invisibility cloak.
5) The Bird and the Two Trees- That bird, reminds me of us when we ask God questions that perhaps the answer he gives us is the right one and he can understand it… but we do not. Yet
6) The Prince and the Sky-Maiden-> LOOOOOL. Gloria was horrible. This one is like rapunzelm but this maiden was horrible, yet good at heart.
7) The New Death-> Just love this one. To life for me is perhaps the most difficult thing ever yet.
8) The Garden of Adompha-> Just love it. Very dark and sad… yet the king was just a selfish man.
9) The New Gold-> This one, people believed they were going to be gods at least one year each the winner… yeah right, only death await them
10) The Death of the Artist-> Well that kind of is the same in the abstract art. LOL cats. Love them.
11) The  Enemy Within-> What a fool old man!
12) The End-> Hahahaha omg this is just not the right thing! it should be the other way around!!!
13) Everlasting Fire-> Another one of my fav fav! what a stupid incubus and LOL.
AND well really more but there you are!
Short stories and poems and such, where you can find death, loneliness, not love and such.
The New Death and others

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