Demon Within

Demon Within
                       by: Wendy L. Callahan

We all have a soft spot… and that is Love.

A product of deceit and betrayal, she was born along with her twin brother, in the late autumn in the 1774. Their father, Sir Cain that was of noble lineage, was executed because he was the one to have the affair with the young demi-goddess known as Mellissande ( I think is Persephone), also she was send to Elysium. King Vasili ( I think is Hades) decided to keep the twins and name them as : the girl will be Riley Nemesis Cain and her brother Hunter Azrael Cain; their grandmother was Nemesis. King Vasili has five sons: The first one/ eldest son is Agaric, the second one Crim, the third ( Lol if he knew..) is Asher, the fourth Lucier and the fifth Lysander.

          Riley is a rebel girl, that has to marry Agaric, but as he doesn’t want her because she can’t be controled so when she’s about to be twenty-five years old, she meets Asher the middle brother that was the representative of the throne/laws and such. He says he will make dosile Riley…. by making love to her in the way she likes it.

SPOILERS and bad words LOL

* Well… the make out stuff I didn’t actually enjoyed it as eveything that came to my mind was that Asher was just raping her! that’s my opinion. There is NOT a way that I can see how Riley likes this kind of sex, even worst saying that he is her master, I mean WTF! and she didn’t even tried one to shook him off, as she has some power of her, and one of them is that she can teleport so… she could have tried. So in my opinion I thought she was going to change in being a person more cold and using her powers- not Asher practically raping her everytime and saying I’m your master and such bullshit. I am not angry with the authorLOL I am angry with Asher. He’s such an asshole, AND le’ts not talked about what that Agaric decided to do! GO TO EARTH ALL ALONE FOR TWO HUNDRED YEARS? ASSHOLEEEEEEE! anyway I do want to read more of this serie! as well I have to admit Asher has a soft spot too.

Favorite Characters:

Asher-> The most tallest and slender of all the brothers and the most feared by all. He represents the throne of Hades and of course the laws. He is the husban and “master” of Riley. Immortal. Also he likes to call Riley “Little Girl”.

Riley-> Black hair and golden eyes, more than the cats themselves. Her powers are: The typical demonic abality to teleport, she can also fly and she uses her telepathy, telekinesis and psionic powers.

                                                           Short but I HIGLY RECOMMEND IT!

Demon Within

4 thoughts on “Demon Within

  1. YAY!!!!! sure! send it whenever you want ;). And really I loved the story, I hope you write more than two books! LOL. Thanks again for sending me your books. ;D ^_____________^

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