by: Kevis Hendrickson

Asha is a 15-year old girl with the soul of a demon. She plans to wage war against heaven and hell using humanity as her main weapon. Asha begins the epic tale of the revenge of the dark goddess of demons!


    Asha, because of a challenge, she had to become a human and also she wanted to prove herself worthy… besides she has a plan. Asha that witnessed the drowning of Atlantis, that saw the rising of the tower of Babel as each stone of its foundation was set upon the next, ever ascending, reaching toward heaven itself; she who saw the birth of the ancient pyramids, the death of Julius Caesar, the ris of the Christ-God! and even the sunset of her own religion. For she, Asha, is the eternal mother of night and wielder of th Black-Flame. In her human life, the human father of Asha is dead, she even said in one part that it was because of her … I wonder? Other problem was, besides she being what we say ” a nerd” she didn’t talked to anyone and she was a colour person ( in this book we can see the problem of people being racist!) When she is circled by a group of freaking racist she decides to pay them, making them suffer with images of their death with every detail possible… only that one of them didn’t suffer. A beautiful youn woman with cropped raven hair, in other words a gothic witch, who could defend herself from th magic that Asha did to all the person of the group in their minds. Later on, the same girl decided to pay a visit to Aisha as she knows she was the one that killed the cheeleader and that she knew she was different. As Asha and Morgan get to know each other… by kissing and such (LOL) the journey begans as she knows the time is closer to rule the world.




1) Asha Jones-> Also known as Cerridwen, goddess of death and rebirth, the eternal mother of night and wielder of th Black-Flame. Her human form is nut-brown complexion of her face, ochre-green eyes and long braided black hair. She killed the cheerleader Amber Jacobi; Asha was a cheerleader too and a really good one.She is fifteen in her human life. She’s a demon and she was awaken when other demons started to eat her human body.

2) Amber Jacobi-> Was two years Asha’s elder, and one of the mos popular seniors at Filmore High School. She was beautiful, with long blonde hair that fell to her hips, amber eyes that shone like liquid gold, soft red lips, curvaceous, yet slender and too sassy.
3) Morgana Le Guin-> She is pale as the snow, her eyes strikingly blue like the richest sapphire, shoulder-lenght hair dark as the night and some tresses dyed the color of flame; her lips were blood-red and pierced by a triplet of rings. She is a witch and is very good at protecting her mind. She’s gothic. ❤


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