The Gossamer Gate

The Gossamer Gate
                               by: Wendy L. Callahan

Goodreads review:

Nine years ago, Khiara committed a grave offense against the fae, a crime for which she is destined to pay the price. When a faerie prince intent on revenge returns to seek retribution against her, she is pulled into the Otherworld against her will. She is given a quest: she has nine days to locate the gate that will allow her to return to the mortal world.

But the laws of the capricious fae are calculated to work against mortals and keep them trapped forever in their realm. There is temptation at every turn, and even if Khiara does not give in, there is still a chance that the devious prince will go back on his word.

For the fae may change the rules of the game on a whim, and the prince has already set a seemingly impossible condition on Khiara’s quest for freedom…

My review:

          Our young, twenty-five years old,  High Priestess to a coven named Khiara, thought that love; the only thing that she didn’t have in her almost “perfect life”, was her only problem so far. But it has been almost nine years from an accident that she certainly doesn’t want to remember… but her wicca studies numbers have meanings and they don’t believe in coinsidences…  She feels worst everytime she wakes up after a horrible nightmares and also she feels as if someone is watching her. Worst thing, after another friday of game she decides to give it a try with her best friend and her love, to say how much he loves him and since when… only to discover that Sean doesn’t loves her back the same way she does. He has come back and she’s gone.

Characters, places, types of fairies and such: ( some spoilers)

1) Khiara -> Her name in italian is Key-ara. Because of the accident, she came to live with her Nana, her grandmother whom also was a wiccan. She’s twenty-five and is a High Priestess to a coven and she’s very talented. Another facts that I like?:
-She likes to read.
-She even wrote books.
-She likes ANIME! hell yeah
How she looks: She has hazel eyes that most of the time a shade of gold, with dark honey blonde hair. Imagin her skin is like a soft tan, vanilla haha. And tall with a curvy shape and she does have boobs that can be notice.
Something that shocked me was that she’s half fae, The Cat Sidhe.
She can also control a little the element of fire.

2) Liam-> He is a fae, type: Bard. Bards tell stories. But he is not any normal Bard he is a bard to the Queen Titania herself and also his the younger brother of our Ronan and son too of Oberon.
How he looks:
 He is about five inches taller than Khiara, with short dark hair cut close to his head, his eyes are a chestnut shade of brown and had a tattoo on his chest and he wore a forest green tunic.

3) Ronan-> He was a fae, used the element of earth. He was the one that wanted to have Khiara by force! the one chasing her. He’s dead! YES!
How he looked: 
 He was tall and thin, black hair with blue eyes very piercing and round face; he was dressed all in black.
*He had at the same time a wife. She helped Khiara. She looks like: She’s a fae with blue eyes with pale blonde hair nearly silver.

4) The Queen of the Faeries-> Also known as Queen Titania. She has the energy of the elements: earth, air, watera and fire, darkness and light. She’s more light than darkness.
How she looks:
 She has strawberry blonde curls with lavender eyes and had a silver crown.

5) Oberon-> The Queen’s consort. He has the same energy as Ronan. Dark energy.
How he looks:
 Dark wavy hair with sea-green eyes; somehow like Ronan.

6) Sean-> Khiara’s best friend, the one that could save her. They share a lot in common. And he did a degree in Art.
How he looks:
 Brown eyes and tousled brown hair.

-> Bards= They tell stories.
-> Undine= Water spirits. Was tall and voluptuos, her hair was a shade of silvery-blue with seaweed. They need a man to love them to have a soul, without that they are souless.
-> Red Cap= They like to kill mortal travelers and they are very little but very, very fast.
-> Gancanagh= This faeries seduces mortal woman and then they leave her with a broken heart to die

My favorite places:

1)The Queen’s palace-> Was a shimmering, rough rock that looked like densely-packed quartz crystals. On the foremost tower was an enormous clock with a sepia-toned face amd three large black hands that reminded her of wrought iron.

2)Liam’s House-> The house was built with rich red brick, reflective of the fire magick of the land but also white columns and trim that illuminated the effect. It also has a white pebbl walk with white flowers and roses.

3) Nana’s House, Khiera’s house and now to the next High Priestess-> Is a victorian house! It was pale gray, with white trim and slate gray shingles on the roof. She even had her own shop in there and also gave classes to others.

You will never know when to be happy nor with who nor why!

                                                               LOVED IT! 5/5!

The Gossamer Gate

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