Trust no one…except the one who walks in the dark.

Relic Defender, Book 1

Anthropology PhD candidate Lexi Harrison never bares it all when she belly dances for a strip club crowd. She doesn’t have to—she’s that good. Every performance earns money toward her degree, and restores the sense of power that her painful childhood ripped away.

Something is different about tonight. A man whose silver gaze seems to touch her skin beneath her veils. When a rowdy customer crosses the line, he comes to her rescue with the speed of a falcon—complete with wings.

Mikos Tyomni has never seen anyone dance the raqs sharqi like Lexi. Trust his tormentor, Archangel Michael, to put him in close contact with the cause of his downfall: a mortal woman. Particularly this mortal woman. The Defender. He has only thirty days to win her trust before Hell’s deadliest demons attempt the mother of all prison breaks.

No matter how sexy the messenger is, Lexi’s career plans don’t include some crazy idea that she’s the last line of defense against the forces of evil. Until her university mentor’s murder leaves her holding the key to Hell. And fighting a losing battle against a passion with the unholy power to bring down Heaven…

Warning: This title contains a dark and sexy fallen angel, bad-ass demons, a heroine with kick-assitude tossed together with mythology, archeology and a shape-shifting rock with a fondness for the gangsters of the 1920s.

 What would happen if it was in your hands to save the world? What would your answer when you have no family and they ask you to believe in God when he didn’t helped your family? Would you still believe in God? Or would you be like our heroine, Lexi, in doubt? I have to say that one of the things I liked was that I trully understand what lexi was feeling. I felt her suffer that she was all alone and how a woman can sometimes well be like a flower when you have to work in a place full of jerks, when you don’t know whom to trust and when they tell you you are the one to save the world. Lexi, a belly dancer captives our …(oh God!) sexy Mikos, a beautiful, sexy, h- ok sorry, fallen angel who has a mission that could help him to earn his ticket to go back to heaven. But after meeting Lexi… will he decide to go back to heaven or to stay with her?……………….




1) What made you choose to write about angels and demons…and such?

I wanted to write something different then the market was selling. I never really found vampires sexy and I certainly didn’t werewolves (I’ve changed my mind a little), and I’d always loved the idea of angels. Like many, I’d grown up thinking of angels as beautiful beings decked in white with blue eyes and golden hair. While I wasn’t opposed to that, I still wanted something different. I wish I could remember when I fell on the idea of fallen angels. It was probably from something I researched but once I had the idea, and later learned that the stories go that God wouldn’t let them back into Heaven no matter what, Mikos and his story was born. Lexi went through several “career” fields before I settled on archeology and the reason for that is simple. I love reading and studying the past. Finally, I discovered the legends of King Solomon and the fact he was supposed to be a magic user and had a ring given to him by God that allowed Solomon to control and compel demons. I took all this and mixed it with a big spoon and ta-da! Key of Solomon.

2) As we know out heroine, Lexi, is the one that has a destiny that is to save us or doomed us… in real life do you believe there’s someone like her, you know with the saving the world?
Oh, I wish I did. That’s part of the fantasy of writing fiction. That we can make up stories where good triumphs over evil and the world can be fixed by a few good people. I think the reality is much harder and it will take far more than one person to fix the world. I think there are some wonderful people in the world who serve the same purpose and do their part to save the world but wouldn’t it be nice for one person to fix everything? Lexi didn’t even get to do that but she did prevent the bad-ass demon from getting what he needed to release a Hell on Earth. That’s the fun in writing.

3) You don’t really have to answer this question but, do you believe in angels and demons? And if so… any experience?
I do believe in them but I don’t have any experiences to share I can point to that says they are real. I just believe they are. Or maybe, for angels in particular, I just want to believe in the beings of light and goodness. For demons, well, with one you have to have the other but I sure wouldn’t want to meet any.

4) For now, how many books are you planning to write related to this serie? Because for what I understood there’s a new adventure lurking in there with out another heroine Mari and the cute Jackson! but I wonder, are our pretty couple, Lexi and the HOTTISH Mikos are going to be with them?

For now, I have three. I think there could be room for more but I’ll have to finish book 3 and see. I’ve thought about a 4th book that wraps up Lexi and Mikos’s story. Book 2 is coming out in August with Mari and Jackson and Book 3 in 2013 with Ash and Kat. You’ll get to see Lexi and Mikos on 2 and 3 but they take a backseat to the others. Unless I do another story just for them again. Lexi can be frustrating but I love her and of course, Mikos is just too delicious. 😀

5) Besides the angels and such, what made you put Egypt stuff in the story? I love it xD!
I love all things Egypt and wanted to play with some of the history. I originally thought I’d use more in it but didn’t. I might have to revisit Egyptian for book 3. I’m currently submitting a series about the half immortal children of Egyptian gods and goddesses so in this one, I really got to play with Egyptian stuff even to setting part of the story in Egypt.

Now some FAST random questions!

1) Chocolate or vanilla? Or…mhh both like the skin of out hottish Mikos hehehe.

Well, as much as Mikos’ skin sounds yummy, I do have to say I’m a vanilla kinda gal.

2) Do you prefer watching movies in your house, movie theatre, both or any?!
Actually, it depends on the movie. I love going to the movies but obviously can’t afford to see all of them on the big screen so my husband and I go to the theater to watch action-packed movies and say the romances for rental at home.

3) What’s your favorite book and movie?
I have a favorite series – that’s the Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher. I love all of them. I don’t really have a favorite movie but I love all the sci fi/fantasy movies that star Mila Jovich.

4) If you could go back in time, what era would you like to be?

If I could get past the lack of cleanliness, then it would be medieval. 😀
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  1. Hi! Thanks so much for having me here! I'm very glad you enjoyed Key and isn't Mikos just delightful? I had so much fun writing him. And wait until book 2 with Mari and Jackson. Sigh.

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