Moon Spirit ( The World Among Us)

Moon Spirit( The World Among Us)
                                                         by: Beth Ann Masarik

Raul Blackoak’s world is tossed upside down one evening when he stumbles upon a damsel in distress. What he wasn’t expecting was that his life would be changed forever by her. Because he risks his own life to save her, he is caught between two worlds; the world to which he belongs, and the human world. Will he be able to balance being in both worlds? Or will he have to give up one to be happily ever after in the other

Raul Blackoak’s a demigod and werewolf, whose life will change one evening when he hears the scream of a woman and know’s what it attacking her; Vampires. Not being powerful enough to fight a powerful old vampire named Lucan, he tries to fight him but he is but tossed in the air like a doll. When Raul thought this was it, another vampire, Damien that is the Prince of Darkness, helped him and the girl and killed cutting the head off of Lucan. The vampires work this way: vampires like Lucan they are in league with Hades but vampires like Damien are in league with Persephone something like that, but like Damien they are good, if not they aren’t. By saving the girl named Kylie, Raul imprint her and now they must face problems from BOTH worlds as a prophecy is coming on it’s way.


-> Raul-> His father is the head Deityand his mother is Nemea, a demigod through his grandmother, Selene, the goddess of the moon. He is a demigod and a werewolf.

->Kylie Bradhart-> She used to study medicine. She has a heart-shaped face like a porcelain. She has blond hair. She smelled of strawberries and chocolate.

->Lucan-> He was a vampire; centuries old. He had long black hair, dark crimson eyes and he was tall. Killed by Damien and he was a vampire in league with Hades.

->Damien-> Another vampire but this one is in league with Persephone. He has messy brown hair, blue eyes and he is tall. He is the Prince of Darkness. He can read minds.

->Aiden-> He is tallen than his two sons combined. He has dark, long hair that fell past his shoulders with brown eyes. He’s a wolf.

->Ouranos-> He is the head Deity. He is a tall man with long white hair and piercing sky blue eyes. He’s the grandfather of Raul.

->Selene-> She is the  Titan moon goddess whose mother is Thei and her father ir Hyprion. She felt in love with a human.

->When a demigod imprints on someone they become dedicated to that person to the rest of their life. Practically the become lovers. They are soul mates.

-> The name of the pack is Catori Magena.

->Prophecy: Ther’s a prophecy that includes Damien (son of Hades) and it says that Selene will rise again, and the two of them will be the new leaders of the world. Hades is furious about this, because Damien is his only heir, but Damien refuses to rule the Underworld because Selene is Damien’s soul mate.

Moon Spirit (The World Among Us)
5/5! short but lovely!
another thing I like is the fangs (besides the guy) because they look more real.

2 thoughts on “Moon Spirit ( The World Among Us)

  1. Thanks for the great review! I'm glad I stopped by my goodreads page tonight and found this 🙂 You totally just made my day! If you haven't read my novel yet, I highly recommend you do, because it will help you understand the short stories better. If you ever would like to discuss my book/stories further, please feel free to contact me via goodreads :)Thanks again for this wonderful review!

  2. Oh hi! I just found out this messege; because people doesnt leave comments at all I didn't notice this so sorry I tried to search you in goodreads but you don't appear? 🙂

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