Fight or Flight (An Inheritance Short Story)

Fight or Flight (An Inheritance Short Story)
                                                                      by J. Scott Tyler

When Jessica Crowley receives a pair of costume angel wings from a man in a prop shop, she quickly discovers that they are far more than just a prop. And to make matters worse, she’s starting to think that someone is following her.


          It was Halloween and Jessica Crowley didn’t really cared. As her friend Erika wanted to go to a party she was being a pain in the butt so Jess decided to go afterall. As Jessica didn’t really cared about the costume she only used some pretty white jeans and a white jacket with angels wings; which she had buyed in a store for about only three dollars. Her life will never be the same when in the house of Anthony; where the party was; she fell from the edge that was two stories high but that is not the problem… the problem is sh stopped in midair before landing gently in the ground. Later on her friend Erika visits her and tells her that she DID saw what happened. Jessica decides to try flying with them and she’s surprised that she actually can fly with the wings but she stills wants to go to where she buyed the wings, to see if they knew about them. As they are going to the car a man appears. And he wants to know how to fly. But even worst… she doesn’t know why she doesn’t needs the wings to fly. She can fly alone.
Fight or Flight (An Inheritance Short Story)

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