Dante’s Dream

Dante’s Dream
                       by:Alfred Buonpastore

Dante and his sister are spending the day hiking in a forest picking wild berries and taking photographs of flowers and insects. A sudden approaching thunder storm forces them to take shelter in a cave. Exhausted from hiking they both fall asleep in the cave and Dante has a strange and very frightening dream.

          Dante and his sister decide to go hiking in the forest, as Dante loves to take pictures, they decided to go. But it started to rain and they had to hide in a cave and wait to stop raining…. a scary cave were they both fall asleep and Dante had a very strange dream.

Facts of the story:

-> Dante is 14 years. In his 14 birthday they gave him a camera, which he loves to use it a lot.
-> He has a little sister named Sabrina.
-> They lived with their parents in a old house in a small village at the edge of the great forest.
-> Dante loves to take pictures of insects, specially … dragonflies.
-> Dante dreams of an empire called Dreamland.
-> Dreamland a land where everyone goes when they dream.
-> The Dreamland fairies are magical, tiny, gracful and human like creatures with very beautiful delicate wings.
-> Some fairies have wings like butterflies.
-> Princess Sabrina’s are whote and angelic.
->The Dreamland fairies are peaceful, loving and caring creaturs. They spend much of thei time helping and caring for sick or wounded animals in the forests of Dreamland.
-> The Dreamland fairies have the magical ability to talk to animals. They are able to communicate with fish and insects and everything else that lives in nature, even trees.
-> The fairies can talk but they are never heard by humans.
-> The permission to speak and be heard by humans is given by Princess Sabrina, and only if  a human does something that is very good and very special.
-> They are also invisible to humans. Is their only defense to stay safe and protected from harm.
-> Princess Sabrina also has the power to make you human, visible too, for a short time, but is also a very rare thing.
-> All of the Dreamland fairies love, honor, respect and obey their Princess Sabrina. She has a beautiful voic.
-> The Princess has wondrful magical powers. She uses her wand of magical powers to change herself into a beautiful human being anytime she so desires.
-> The fairies are incapable of having bad thoughts. They cannot think of anything bad or of ever an evil or ngative thought. But if they ar force to change into a evil thing… they will turn into sand.
-> Dreamland is ruled by the Emperor Blue, a strong and mighty dragonly.
-> Emperor Blue and the royal dragonfly family ruled over Dreamland for as long as anyone can remember.

And Prince Dante of the royal family was very young and was getting impatient to become the next emperor. And he will stop at nothing to be so.

5/5 ❤
Dante's Dream


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