Dusty the Demon Hunter by: D Michelle Gent

Dusty the Demon Hunter 
                                                by: D Michelle Gent

     It all begins when Dusty’s best friend is having sex nightmares with a beautiful man; but when the true unfolds  that beautiful man is actually a demon; a Incubus. This happened because Ange had played Ouija and therefore happened this. Dusty decides to tell her story for the first time ever to a “friend” and so she decides to fight the powerful Incubus named Impundulu…. and so Dusty becomes the Demon Hunter.

Dream Lover (Dusty #1)


     -Dusty’s mother was attacked by an Incubus when she was a virgin and she became pregnant, therefore Dusty is Half Demon and Half human ( I still wonder what type of demon she is). It killed her mom on her eleventh birthday; it came for her but her mother sacrificed for her. He was beautiful; he had long, blonde and wavy hair, and his eyes were a bright blue and his mouth… in other word? Sexy. 

-This demons (and others too) use what we call “GLAMOUR” but if they are reflected in a mirror you can see their true form.

-You can’t kill a demon but you can send it back to where they belong. 


Dusty: She is half-demon, half-human. She usually uses black jeans, black boots, black t-shirt and a black leather bike jacket. She can make herself “invisible” and fly. Her name means valiant fighter; given by her mom. She now lives with her grandparents. She is eighteen.

Impundulu: A Incubus demon. Very powerful and has a lot of… offsprings (haha) around places; his offsprings are halfs too, specially vampires. Glamour appearence: Broad shoulder, his skin is cold, beautiful hair and a good smile too.

Hunter: He is also a half-demon and half-human. He has black hair and violet eyes; a kind smile and good humor; aslo very intelligent. He helped Dusty with his magic. His clothing in the other-side was contemporary. He has a rope madre from Unicorn mane and its power is that it makes demons forget. He is almost two centuries old.



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