Give Me Forever by Celeste Carrara

Give Me Forever 

                          by Celeste Carrara:

Goodreads:  Serena, a twenty five year old newly turned vampire longs for a normal life. Daughter to the king of the Northeastern faction of vampires her life is anything but normal. Her actions are ruled by her duty to her people and her father’s demands. Serena’s father Sebastian is impossible to please no matter how hard Serena tries. Loyalty and fear keep her trapped in her life.

  My review:

She has been waiting all her life to this moment. Her transformation has started and she doesn’t know if she will survive. While been in this horrible moment in her twenty fifth birthday she remembers when her mother died because she didn’t survived the transformation. But Celia, a kind vampire with motherly instincts whom helped Sebastian; King of the Northeastern faction of vampires and her father; makes her stronger and she survives. Being a vampire princess as soon as she was a vampire she had to start her training showing her father she could do it; and her first task besides controlling her hunger and mind powers she is alone in the dark of a room to kill a big bad guy. She was destiny to have a soul mate as the first thing she saw in her life as a vampire was how a mating ceremony took place and also she had her first “love to be”dream.

A year passed and it was her birthday again. This time she was in Pulse, a hot human and vampire club, with her friends and there she meets a hot and aristocratic vampire name Gage, and in a couple of time later his most trusful friend, Chase; both will be her lover but just in bed. In the meantime she meets Nick- a cute human with really nice personality ….is soon going to be her”boyfriend” but she knows she is the princess, a vampire, and has forever and worst of all she can’t have babies. But not only love problems are here, there is the issue of a group who are killing humans- that is forbidden-  and also making plans to take down Sebastian their king, and he is determinate to kill them all… And if those problems aren’t enough…. she just met her soul mate and that means Big Trouble.


Give Me Forever


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