Give Me Your Trust by Celeste Carrara

Give Me Your Trust book #2 in Paranormal City
                              by: Celeste Carrara

Give Me Your Trust (Paranormal City Novelette)
Corina was a vampire who stood to herself and lived a simple life. All she wanted was to share her long existence with a mate. Too bad her track record with men sucked. After another failed relationship she swore off men. Her fragile heart couldn’t take another disappointment.


My review: 
 Corina; a vampire with more than seventy years;  has a horrible love life where all of her boyfriends broke her heart and find another one and leave her. Just when a jerk named Peter leaves her she goes to Pulse to have rich blood and sex and there she finds our beautiful friend Gage. When they have sex they feel something… something different and none of them stops thinking about it. Just as everything was normal our Alex comes toward Corina and asks where she is… The thing is, what really is Peter? and what he has to do with Serena? Now she is gone.
Gage decides to give a try in long-term relationship and what’s better… he chooses Corina. Will Corina will ever be happy?

5/5 ❤


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