Benediction by: Kitty O’Connor

                 by: Kitty O’Connor

Note: I don’t know the author so please if you see me KITTY please contact me 🙂 I put your book in because I thought it would be good to people get to know you and your books.


 Death has come in the form of a girl- singing a sad song only a old man named Gus Gustafson knows because of his age. But not only  Death has bring tragedy to him, but specially to three old womens… sinners.

Elaine, Terry and Rita- three old ladies that love gossip and are always talking about everyone, are talking about what happened to Gus Gustafson an old man that happens to be in the hospital because of a paranormal tragedy. The thing is they get an odd feeling because of what they just heard… and just when they are going to visit him they decided to go back and not do so… but they think they can trick little old Death and they shall pay for what they have done. 
Benediction Kindle eBook by Kitty O'Connor Image

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