Blood on Her Bonnet by Lisa Greer

Blood on Her Bonnet
                                     by Lisa Greer

Blood on her BonnetCharity. A woman that lives in South Dakota and being a teacher in a hot dress was not pleseant at all. She was thinking if a man named Matthew Weiss; in his twenty-seven, not married-yet, with red-blonde hair, silver-blue eyes and muscular would pass by and say hello to her again just like they have been doing so a couple of times by now. Just today when she wonders if they will ever get somewhere he tells her he wants to talk to her and she tells him to come to dinner. She has never been happier. But even in this happiness she thinks about what happened to his dead wife… He asks her to marry him and she says yes… but not everything is perfect in this marrige… not at all. There is a mystery of why he doesn’t want to talk about his dead wife… but when she sees a picture of how beautiful she was- and she that has blue eyes, fair skin and dark hair- how can he love her? But just as she wants to forget all that, the dead ghost of Grace appears to her. Who was the killer?

                                                                          5/5 ❤ Loved it.


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