The Vedeine Saga (Deception) by Ashley Strachan

The Vedeine Saga (Deception) by Ashley Strachan

 After a near death experience, nineteen year old Amelia was changed into a Vedeine. A demon.

Leaving the only home she has ever known in Ontario, Canada, she is sent to live with others of her kind, in Portland, Oregon.

My review: 

All starts when Amelia, a young Vedeine, has been change and her creator; an old woman who is still a mystery after what she have done to her; decides to send her to a “untrustful” man called Christopher, is one of the first seven Vedeine-demons- come to this world. But just when she meets him she already notices he is kind a wonderful person who looks after her like if she were his own daughter, for no other reason but that he had been in a forever-bond-relationship with her creator, whom name is Lilith…. while she starts her training, get to know everything about vedeines and starts her new life she feels a strange-love connection with a breautiful “young”artist named Robert and they are ment to be together. Just as she knows the true and her three man companions help her, her life comes down to a horrible accident and her “forever”husband doesn’t care how she feels and that is when he leaves her most alone.

A great and wonderful story. I loved the character and how the author developed the story along with the places. Very awesome šŸ˜€ 5/5

* I love Christopher and Marius. Can’t wait to read more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

Deception (The Vedeine Saga, #1)

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