The Vedeine Saga (Origins) by Ashley Strachan

The Vedeine Saga book #2 Origins

                                                    by: Ashley Strachan

Angels or Demons. Watchers or Vedeines… Who is good and who is evil? Only time will tell…


My review:

 Just as Amelia found love and could live “happy”knowing that Lilith is gone for good, she gets married with the man she thought would make her forever happy. But just as her grandparents and others in the airplane were going from the island, they crash and die, and when Amelia’s mother get’s the notice she also dies giving birth to her son; leaving Amelia all alone. She can’t endure the pain she has and she’s feeling sad and lonely, specially when her suppose-to-be husband Robert calls her a slut and leaves her just because he is jealous that Marius, besides Christopher is taking care of her as well. When she decides to carry on with her life, raise her sister and baby brother, she encounters a new danger, and just when she thought she doesn’t want to mate forever with anyone, she meets the angel Kaius. 

She meets love for a second time. She meets danger as well. The fight has started. Angels and Vedeines. 

5/5! ❤ Need more of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Origins (The Vedeine Saga, #2)

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