REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY: Don’t Fear the Reaper by Michelle Muto

Don’t Fear the Reaper
                                by: Michelle Muto

My review:

Don't Fear the ReaperKeely Morrison, a rebel girl that had a past were she used to use drugs, likes to hang out with a lot of people, have fun, go out of the house with or without permission meets death. She had everything that made her happy; a twin sister that was just like her- enjoys life-; when suddenly both of their lifes and their family as well change when Jordan(keely sister) is killed. Keely doesn’t enjoy life anymore, she feels like crap and needs to be with her sister. She wonders is her sister is already an angel. In those days of depression she starts looking for ways of suicide and decides to take a bath in the shower that both of them used when they were little to play with bubbles and the water. While she drinks and thinks she cuts herself and her life you changes forever as she meets a hot-annoying demon named  Daniel and Banning, the blue-eye reaper who helped her to cross the other world. Every thought of the afte life is ruined when she knows she’s a earthbound, an inbetween, which means she can’t move very fast or have practically any of the “awesome” abilities the other two have. In her journey she starts to understand the afterlife is not what we think of. And just when she thought she would be back with her sister, she learns Jordan is lost too in this parallel dimension, with demons lurking around… specially one named Pete.Will they get revenge for what he did to her sister?

My thoughts:

 I really can’t say how much I did like this book. Not only contains real life problems but it has the touch of dark fantasy and you can see that there IS something more than most people of this time wants to accept. It made me remember so much of events I have been through in my life. I have seen death since I had six years old; my mom died, then at the age of thirteen my dad died too; so you see it makes me remember how perhaps maybe mom or dad were in here with us and sometimes we can be foolish and say “no, it was my imagination”. The other thing I loved most was the relationship between the sisters. I haven’t read a book that had such a strong bond between sisters (or brothers) which I am glad I get to read a book that shows the love between them; I do enjoy when in others books they fight but this one made me think twice.

I higly recomend it for those who want to think twie about life and death. 5/5!


Well first of all I wanted to thank the author for giving me her two books (later on I will post a review AND another giveaway of the other book) and doing a giveaway in my blog. Thanks! 

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19 thoughts on “REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY: Don’t Fear the Reaper by Michelle Muto

  1. I've been suicidal for a long time, because of family problems, depression and eating disprder. I still have flashbacks, but it's better πŸ™‚ love that topic in books.

  2. WOW a tuff subject. i have had alot of deaths in my family in the last few years from young to old and some of them were really hard to understand and some were understable. However, sometimes when a young person goes or not so old it makes me wonder if it is something we did in our lives to deserve it. I know that can't be true but it makes you wander. Thanks joannie

  3. Dont worry about the email thing, and yes sometimes I wonder with the young ones, why did they had to die at such a young age? but well there IS a reason we just don't know why πŸ™‚ thanks for the comment πŸ˜€

  4. I thought the synopsis of this book sounded familiar. I know I saw a review on another blog (can't remember whose), and after two recs, I think I might go ahead and get a copy. It sounds interesting.It's nice to see books that are willing to touch the subjects — loss of a loved one, suicide. It's really hard losing someone close to you.Oh, and I'll add my email, because I'd LOVE to win a copy. It's mccal408 at gmail dot com.

  5. It happened the same with me, I have first seen this book in another blog but didn't remembered where πŸ™‚ and really it is very interesting and anyone who doesn't win it should at least give it a try :D.Thanks for coming!

  6. This sounds like a really intersting story. I also lost my Mom and I "felt" her presence at the time but not anymore, so I wonder a lot about what happens when we die.Sarah (

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