Curses for Sale by Steve Brezenoff

:Curses for Sale

Curses for Sale
   by: Steve Brezenoff

My review:

 Jace Thomas sat in his dad’s car along with his little sister Ruth; and they felt hot, tired and wanted to get home already but there was a big traffic and it wasn’t moving, so, Jace decides to tell his dad an option: go to Raven Pass. It’s own sign had a warning: Turn back now!. But they just go, eat and his dad, having an addiction with garage sales they go to one very near. Jace sees a mini-awesome car and decides to buy it for five bucks, but is not everything as it seems. It kills.

My thoughts:

 I really really like this short story! it was really nice and the drawings were awesome! you should think of doing a manga !

*For fast readers! 4/5 :)*


2 thoughts on “Curses for Sale by Steve Brezenoff

  1. Ohhh haha true even if doesnt has to do with a house, oh and the movie is called the haunted mansion if im not mistaken. Thanks for passing by :-)Aliraluna

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