Aleron by Kane

       by: Kane

My review:

 This is the story of a man once human named Aleron. Camilia and Aknon had Aleron the seventh day of January in 1791 in the Greco-Roman city of Alexandria, Egypt; his father was an artisan and his mother and sister Shani devoted their lives to religion. Aleron was no normal boy for he understood the science and the mathematics, but the thing he most loved it was history, and because of history his lived change faster. It was March 22, 1817 just leaving the library for a walk to al-Montaza Square when he felt Her presence. On May 14 in Cairo, Egypt he was attending the most prestigious social ball of the year, the Promethium. Once a year, men of wealth and influence gathered to meet and socialize with their peers, but when a unexplainable illness had befallen Davila he had to come in his place; that’s when she meets her in the Concubines room. The moment he sees her proportioned body and those brown eyes of her he felt in love with her. When Aleron wakes up he sees he was naked and a lot of organs were out of him- he was a mess! and this is just the beginning of the changes Aleron most face. He lives in the “castle” with Mynea, his creator, his lover, his immortal mother; in where they will make love, eat and wake up the first years of his immortal life; have adventures in the hunting- but when suddenly Mynea leaves Aleron he is alone and with a broken heart, and with a slave named Eliza that falls in love with him- true love. Just when he decides to hunt again he decides to go back to his past- to his parent’s house. Even his father being old and all the years that he hasn’t seen his son and even thought of him dead he realizes Aleron is his even if his hair had grown to a mane and his clothing with dark colors; Aleron realizes his mother is dying of a broken heart; he then goes to the City of the Dead were he meets another vampire! and puts him to sleep. Pandora, that’s her name, the almost physical twin of Mynea and her worst enemy. She had black hair, her height and general stature were almost identical to Mynea’s; her breasts were slightly larger, creamy olive skin with greenish-blue color eyes; and she will help him to complete his vampire life- the creation. Finally Eliza gets what she wants- immortality and given by Aleron is the best thing she could ever have, his first creation and she has an amazing power, to manipulate anyone’s organ without touching them. Pandora’s warning of him trying to save Mynea is lost when that moments come to life. Aleron most life and live… besides who says Vlad is the beginning of the vampires?

My thoughts:

 First, thanks to netgally for giving this amazin book. Is one of my favorite vampire reads so far; besides the random fact where I didn’t imagined most of the vampires white. I love this book so much because of the amazing history background explanations; besides the fact that has vampires and a wonderful story. I most-wait I NEED to know what happens next! I will miss this characters so much! they have mark my life. Immortality is not everything as we think.

I thought of some people that may look like some of the characters:

1) This one could do like double character of Pandora and/or Mynea if not both then Pandora. She’s is gorgeous : Monica Bellucci. Yes is the same woman!

* This is the perfect Eliza!

As a human: I did imagine her like this! 

As a vampire!:

* Natasha: The third from the important ones; I didn;t imagined her beautiful I imagined her exotic but even so this actress is perfect for her: Natalie Portman and oh I always love to imagine this character with the hair up.

*. Mynea!- She is beautiful and I love how she uses her eyes.

*Vlad: I imagined him just like this. 

*Aleron- Well Aleron is in my mind ;).

 LOVED IT 5/5 !


2 thoughts on “Aleron by Kane

  1. What a beautiful & wonderful cast.I've seen this in Ng too but never requested it. However after reading your review I'm having second thoughts. Based on your summary this sounds like Queen of the Damned.

  2. You see, I have some of those books but for some reason I didnt really liked how was her writing, it was like very slow and I dont know byt maybe some far away day I will read them, but yes it does feels like that serie 🙂 but im in love with lestat and louis too haha. Thanks for the compliments and for passing by 🙂

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