Monster in My Closet by R. L. Naquin

Monster in My Closet
                               by: R.L. Naquin

Monster in My Closet

My review:
Helping and understanding people have been her life until some days ago. Zoey, a twenty-eight wedding planning woman has been receiving emotions from everyone except from her. Working everyday along with Sara, her bestfriend and once college roommate and now business partner she most understand her new life. When she was five years old, she was being scared my a little monster that was lurking in the shadows in her closet, just to come back to her life; older, cooks good and needs a home after her woman cheat on him; weird, weird, weird. But just as she meets more creatures; which will be her new family a new threat is in her life. A incubus is lurking in her life; killing every woman she has been close with.
Can she defeat something she cannot kill?

My thoughts:

 Okay; thanks to netgalley for the book! I thought the story was going to be more like scary or that it had to do more with the monster closet. In my opinion putting demons, specially an incubus was more like a mature theme in this story- dont get me wrong is just that this character (in my opinion) it wasn’t very mature, even if she had been through stuff like that I couldn’t just imagine a sex scene or something like that in her life. I don’t and think at the same time the work fits her-it’s just okay even if it seems is perfect for her. I did like the characters but there wasn’t so much action nor passion on what she did at all. The cover is gorgeous- but lets be real; she wasn’t THAT fashion.I loved the eyes- they were the same!



8 thoughts on “Monster in My Closet by R. L. Naquin

  1. Yeah, I probably would have had a problem with the contrast between the theme and the immature character too, since it didn't really match up well. Thanks for joining us for the FMT read-along. I can't wait to see your posts. 🙂

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