Silver: Acheron ( A River of Pain) by Keira Michelle Telford

Silver: Acheron ( A River of Pain)
                                           by: Keira Michelle Telford

My review:

Silver: Acheron (A River of Pain)

 Silver loses everyting because of her. From the Hunter Division just another day of her life, Silver finds out an “abnormal” girl with beautiful but odd purple eyes within one of the lairs of Chimera; Chimera are the abhorrent result of an Old World catastrophe and Silver is trained to be a Hunter. Is her job to kill monsters. But when she sees this girl neither human nor Chimera she doesn’t want to kill her and tries to keep it as a secret, but that secret came with a price: banishment to the outside world where whores, drugs, raping people, and more disgusting situations are the normal thing. Just as she loses everything, including the love of her life; Alex; she now most face jerks, whores, drugs and a lot of blood and killing. She most help Alice, herself and try to remember whom she is; if she can survive and she certainly can. Six years later she’s called again by her father and he shows her something that could mean everything:

The Sentinel District.

                                                                                         And Alex thinks she’s dead.

My thoughts:

 The author asked me to review her book and I am so glad got the chance to do so. This is sort of a combination of the fights, how people live and all that like the movies The Underworld, Tron, The Hunger games; everything changes and you most change. I really like her personality she is bad-ass ! she is sexy, powerful and she certainly wants to love; the fights were great and there are a lot of more mysteries yet to be solve. I can’t wait to see what happens next! I imagened her like Samus: 5/5!!


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