The Grey Elk by Kevis Hendrickson

The Grey Elk
                 by Kevis Hendrickson

My review:

The Grey Elk It was in the days before the coming of the Avatars when the men from the North, Sourth and Elves lived together; doing trades and having wifes to have good comunications with different families. But it was when a young man; more beautiful and never-seen-before race came to born that was different from everyone. His name was Naran Jasar and came from the Sourth; he had great powers: he could heal, knew about herbs, potions and magic, and he could talk to animals. No one really like him because he was thought to be odd and it was when he met young beautiful woman named Hala with whom he had a daughter which beauty was more than father and mother and more odd than both and because they were together people said bad things to both of them. That’s when their life with the Elves starts and new legends come to life: The Grey Elk.

My thoughts:

 I love the cover; great great cover and good short story. Well another goos story by Kevis. I really enjoy his fast read stories! kepp it up :).



2 thoughts on “The Grey Elk by Kevis Hendrickson

  1. Thanks for posting such a great review for The Grey Elk! So happy to have you share my story with your readers. Hope they'll check it out, especially since its FREE right now at Can't wait to have you review the next book. Cheers!

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