Troll or Derby by Red Tash

                                                                                                    Troll or Derby 
Troll Or Derby                  by: Red Tash

My review: 

 Just because we don’t know if they exist…. it doesn’t mean they don’t. Roller Deb a fifteen years old girl, that doesn’t really know her sexual orientation, who or what she really is nor her true family story. She comes from a life where trolls, fairies, pixies and much more exist. But is not a simply life like every happy ending magical story. This life includes, sex, gore, killing and drugs and did I mentioned a lot of blood? Roller Deb doesn’t know what to do when her “sister”Gennifer has gone to where Dave is to have some drugs; problem is she’s trapped inside a van… and with fire. Just when Deb has her sister safe everything wents black and just when she thought she was doing the right thing to save her “sister” her life changes more than it has and she is between life and death. Besides drugs, blood, traps and her past. 

My thoughts:

 Thanks for the book, to the author! and well let’s say it’s a new thing; nothing I have read at all and I really liked how she showed that fairies is not what they seemed to be; and the thing that trolls are really like what we imagined is a fun thing to do; to imagine them different. But I wish there was a love story in there. I really liked Harlow.



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