The Puppet’s Secret by Alex Samms

The Puppet’s Secret
                            by: Alex Samms


The Puppet's Secret Read the story of a middle-aged woman that is remembering the most important events that changed her life, that are recorded in her private journal where she can remember everything she has been through. All her life she has been wondering and trying to understand why her mother never told her some thoughts, memories or anything that she think of and never talk about; she didn’t understood why some things where kept inside of our heads, but when she did understood she knew why. Besides living in a small town call Virginia, where everyone knows everyone and everything she starts wondering if what she’s feeling after seeing a beautiful, smoking hot young guy is called love. She starts thinking everyday about this man that she doesn’t even know, and worst of all she’s married, has three children, is older than him and she doesn’t even know him! but even so, she decides to plan something … something that will change her life forever. 

My thoughts:

 Even if is a “short” story since I saw the book I knew I had to read it today, and I did! it was a really good story and kind of sad with the thoughts of that woman but they are SO true. -sigh- Love.. can make us do things that we may regret then.

                                                                                     5/5 !!!!!


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