Review: Rogue Hunter: Inquest by: Kevis Hendrickson

Review: Rogue Hunter: Inquest (Volume 1)
        by: Kevis Hendrickson

My Review:
The life of a bounty hunter is never easy: they aren’t accepted anywhere and they have to kill- for money. But the life of bounty hunter Zyra Zanr is even worst than that of the others: if she doesn’t bring back the terrorist Boris Skringler “Widow Maker” that’s being accused of killinf three hundred and twenty-two passengers on a deep space transport, her life will be the pay; besides having a history with this criminal that was the man that made what she is of now, she’s in love with a Venus woman named Mikaela from New Venus world- a world which once was ruled by mens and when the fight came now womens are the ruler and the only living things in that world; they even invented new forms of having a child, but those childs will only be girls. Zyra Zanr life is about to change when she asks Queen Karah Taresh for the release of Skringler to transfer him to where he belongs, to receive the punishment from his own place: from the InterGalactic Alliance; but when the Queen refuses to do so because of her stubbornness she decides to make a plan to take him and get out to get the money she needs to finally have a life- to stop killing. But everything gets out of hands when she’s mistaken by a spy, and now not only does he is valuable because her life and money is at risk but because when war starts he is the only thing that can save New Venus. If she comes alive.

My opinion:

Rogue Hunter: Inquest

 Such and amazing book! (again haha) I really have to say thanks to Kevis for all the stories he has created but also because I don’t usually read sci-fiction, besides the fact that I have never read Space Opera. So thanks for giving me a new world.

 Also, the thing about New Venus (all of it) was a brilliant idea! and I do believe they are very strong. Not because I am a woman but because they are strong.

 Can’t wait to know what really happened with her father, about her mother and about the ending (not telling!) and about Mika. Because Mika and Zyra being a couple was very sweet and a strong love.

 You really have to read this. READ IT!


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