Review: The Warlord’s Concubine by: J.E. & M. Keep 18 and older!


Review: The Warlord’s Concubine
       By: J.E. & M. Keep

My review:

“Mirella often wonders what her life would’ve been like had she been born a princess, rather than the property of one.”

 All starts when the beautiful city of Ariste is very illuminated… by the fire and war going in the city because of the invasion of the northern’s; consuming everything that meant something for the elegant princess Anabelle Flair. While Anabelle was with her handmaiden; Mirella; in the height of the palace that took place in the slope of the Ariste Mountain, she asked Mirella where will they go, the only thoughts that crossed Mirella’s were: to reason and sorrunder to them or she could throw herself from the window- only death awaiting her. Then, two barbarians of the northern entered the courts of Ariste ready to take the both of them, and when the two of them thought everything was going to be lost, it came a tall, dark figure, bigger and taller than the other two; he was very dark and smooth… and while he was looking at them the princess started to talk and he decided that the princess was to be his new concubine, but even as he said this his eyes were locked on Mirella’s eyes. Mirella had never felt like this before, such a desire to be a concubine- and even if the northerns feared their lord, she certainly didn’t and she let him know it. 

Later on, their desire and love started to grow. Mirella, now his principal concubine, did everything he asked her. She adored the God-King and wanted to please him in everything he so desired. He choosed her to be his new favorite and even choosed her to breed him an heir.Mirella has never felt like this before; it felt right and she couldn’t feel more happy than to give birth to a child of his. 

When the story continues Mirella gets to know the God-King’s mother: called the Seer of the Ka’reem (people of the northern place) a woman of long white hair, without color in her skin nor eyes- she was blind; she had great powers. When the seer came it was because in those following days a war was going to take place and the God-King, called Kulav, had to go away. But that wasn’t the only reason- it was because she wanted to be close to Mirella; and now because Mirella has Kulav’s blood in her she can be a witch of the coven. Kulav’s not very happy by this as he has seen how his mother has gone because of all the magic and power she has in her- that she shouldn’t, in which she has gone mad. When the God-King leaves for battle, the Seer has another vision and is that her son will have victory, but also death… and by that all the women; including Mirella; started to chant to help their great God-King win… and so they did, other paying more than others but at least Mirella’s baby was going to be all right. The Seer was the one that choosed Mirella for her son- she knew Mirella would do anything for him and she did. 
The Warlord's Concubine
This is the story of how Mirella felt in love with a God-King and how she served him, showing everyone that she was more capable of what they thought.

My thoughts:

 Thank you so much to the authors for giving me an ARC of this book. It was a such a wonderful read… I loved how the story had those changes I never thought of. Let’s be real, I never thought this story would have magic in it, nor many hot-wonderful scenes of love in them. I totally recommend this to anyone that wants to read an erotica book with wonderful descriptions of the places and people and romance/sex in them.



Tales from the Odyssey by Mary Pope Osborne


Mary Pope Osborne; who is an author for kids books; writes the Tales from the Odyssey series based on Homer’s The Odyssey. The Odyssey is an epic sea adventure poem. Odysseus is a conquering hero of the Trojan War. It was his idea to build the Trojan horse. Now the Trojan War is finished. The tired Odysseus wants to return home. Unfortunately, he angers Poseidon, a Greek god by fooling one of this creatures, the Cyclops and while he was going away, as the Cyclops couldn’t see because of the injury well Odysseus decided to yell something at him and said his name! and the new adventure begins thanks of a cursed made by Cyclops and Poseidon.

I love myths. I really enjoyed this serie and I wanted to know more! to read more… I wanted to know what happened with Penelope and his son and how was the battle with only Odysseus and his son with a ton of mens fighting over Penelope. I have to say that one of the greek goddesses I didn’t liked was Athena but how well she was and good and all that in this series I really like her now… Not only because she helped Odysseus ( I think she had some sort of a crush on him) but becasue I could FINALLY see the wisdom she had.  A MOST READ! And hahaha when the princess saw him naked lol.

Here are the books.


Why Odysseus?! Why didn’t just go away without saying something?!


Really liked this. Sad but atleast he got to talk to a lot of people he missed and didn’t knew they were dead nor the reason of it.


I think this is the most horrible one. I mean I thought he was going to die because that beast killed very randomly and… o_o just read it. But hey it was a good read with a lot of action.


Here is the naked part hehehe well they describe him very beautiful… anyway here is another one of my favorite as his son meets Athena! and is looking for his dad….

5) here is the last book! I’m really glad I found this serie but HEY I wanted to know what happened with Penelope and when Odysseus fought with his son!