Author Interview and Review: Magic Academy by Jillian Keep


Review: Magic Academy

By: Jillian Keep

Magic Academy

Firia’s father worked nights but that didn’t mattered to her; it was the perfect opportunity for her to hang around the dark corridors for the Arcane Academy, a place which few humans had gone. Besides, at nights she didn’t had to meet the high elves. She went around to see the buildings and learn about them but she always went back to the same place: The Grand Library. The place in which she had spent her childhood reading tomes of spells and secrets. But as she learned more, she longed for more and more and because of that besides reading she practiced spells. Until one day she finds a hidden black book which she studied in detail before casting her first ritual. This spell was going to help her achieve her grand goal: to enter to the Academy, to make the elves notice a human. She was a human. Later on, in the library’s study room she finds herself in front of a monstrous being, the one she had summoned- a being called Varuj. He knows she wants to be a powerful sorceress and he will do anything to help her.

“He grinned unevenly at her. “Does it bother you, little human? He took hold of that massive length, gripped it in his hand and began to stroke it-actually stroke it!-right in front of her. He stared down at her petite form, mouth hanging open, fangs on display as he tongued his lower lip.”

My thoughts:

Just WOW, I have read other stories from them but I really have to say this book is my favorite so far. I can’t really wait to read the others book that will hopefully come. This story, besides having a lot of fantasy, has sweet erotica scenes and I really love the characters. I really liked Varuj since I started reading about him- there’s something about him that captures you, his maneuver, how he knows everyhting and simply because he’s the perfect package: hot and intelligent. But of course I didn’t liked what he did with someone. Firia well she’s nice and again I like that she’s really intelligent but for me she’s not my favorite, but if it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have smexy scenes.  Then there’s Mae’lin; he’s the first one to have ever talk to her (he’s an elven) and I really have to say that even if I love Varuj he’s really is competition for the hot demon. Mae’lin’s not only sweet and intelligent, he is a great fighter and he’s really nice and a good friend. What happened with him at the end (read the book!) was really shocking and that’s the main reason of why I want to continue reading this story. Mae’lin started to grow on me and I hope to see him more… I think the authors are having little issues if to leave her with Varuj or with Mae’lin- I really want to know what happens and this is the first time I have ever wondered with whom she will stay. The school is awesome, I love that they had to learn a new language and their final examination was pretty neat. Overall such a really good, I loved it and I want more of it. This authors are really getting better if they aren’t already. Thank you so much for the ARC.




The Kiesha’ra serie (shapeshifters)


by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.

 Well I have read the first four books before today but I said I had to finish this serie and I did. I’m happy and sad because this is just a great serie as is another one she wrote too. But anyway here are the great books:

1: Hawksong

   Danica Shardae is an avian shapeshifter, and the golden hawk’s form in which she takes to the sky is as natural to her as the human one that graces her on land. The only thing more familiar to her is war: It has raged between her people and the serpiente for so long, no one can remember how the fighting began. As heir to the avian throne, she’ll do anything in her power to stop this war – even accept Zane Cobriana, the terrifying leader of her kind’s greatest enemy, as her pair bond and make the two royal families one.
Trust. It is all Zane asks of Danica – and all they ask of their people – but it may be more than she can give. (Goodreads)


   In a land that has been at so long ( the different types of snakes and avians) where no one remembers the reason for fighting, this two shapeshifters, that rules each of their kindoms agree to marry in hope to end the war, bring peace and combine the people of their kindom in one place…


Well this is the first book, where we meet Danica Shardae that is a an avian shapeshifter and her form is a hawk decides to be the pair of our hot Zane Cobriana, the Diente of his world. I really liked hoe he acted and how the serpientes acted with each other. In the avian kindom it was nice and perhaps more thrilling when you get to know your pair but it was too much formality so it was kind of funny when the avain Danica had to start touching her pair to appear as if they were together…. this is the start of the dream.

Very cute hahaha me smiling while reading this serie.


2: Snakecharm:
   Zane Cobriana, cobra shapeshifter, thanks the gods every day for Danica, his hawk pair bond, and the peace their union has brought to the avian and serpiente. Soon, Danica will have a child to carry on their royal line. But what should be a happy time is riddled with doubt.
Syfka, an ancient falcon, has arrived from Ahnmik claiming that one of her people is hidden in their midst. The falcons are more powerful than the avians and serpiente combined, and Syfka shows nothing but contempt for Zane and Danica’s alliance. To Zane’s horror, his own people seem just as appalled as Syfka is by the thought of a mixed-blood child becoming heir to the throne.
Is Syfka’s lost falcon just a ruse to stir up controversy among them? The truth lies somewhere in their tangled pasts and the search will redefine Zane and Danica’s fragile future. (Goodreads)
 The peace finally came true and Danica is PREGNANT!!!! ❤ but now between this happiness arrives Syfka an acient falcon who claims that one of her people is hidding in their place. The one that was hiding was Andreiros( real name Sebastian) which in this story you will get to know the real enemies … the falcons! so this is just a start when the falcons start to appear in this serie.
3: Falcondance:
   Nicias has never felt completely at home among the avians and serpiente in Wyvern’s Court, despite his loyalty to Oliza Shardae Cobriana, the heir to both thrones. He is a falcon, the son of two exiles from Anhmik–and images of this distant island have always haunted his dreams. But when Nicias’s visions become more like reality, his parents have no choice but to send him back to the homeland–and a royal falcon–they’ve tried their best to forget.
If Araceli won’t bind Nicias’s newfound magic, it could destroy him. In a place where everyone is a pawn, only one other woman has the potential to save Nicias. But she holds the keys to a dangerous power struggle that will force Nicias to choose between his duty–and his destiny. (Goodreads)
   In here is were appears Nicias! I totally love him. Anyway he is nineteen years old and he is the son of two exile falcons parents that wanted to keep him in there but they couldn’t because the magic inside him for being a falcon is finally coming out and he has to go to where he belongs… Just WOW! This place is really beautiful and is just peaceful and well in here Araceli one of the most important falcons decides to try and get his grandson, Nicias to be her heir. In this adventure he meets Hai which I totally like and he saves her from Ecl ….
5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the cover too!

4: Wolfcry
   Oliza Shardae Cobriana is heir to Wyvern’s Court, home of the avians and serpiente, whose war with each other ended just before Oliza was born. But hatred is slow to die, and not everyone likes the expressive way in which Urban, a serpiente dancer, is courting Oliza–especially not Marus, her reserved avian suitor. And when Urban is found beaten in avian land, Oliza is filled with despair. How can she be expected to lead a unified society if her people still cannot live peacefully together?

Before Oliza can try to mend the rift in Wyvern’s Court, she is kidnapped by mercenaries, who take her deep into wolves’ territory. As Wyvern princess, all Oliza has ever wanted is to see a future where she can find love and take a mate without inciting another war. The time is now. She owes it to her people–and to herself.

SUPER SPOILERSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   Oliza the heir for the two thrones of our beloved Wyvern’s Court must choose a mate very, very soon. As the story goes a lot of men’s are fighting to get her and I really thought Nicias was going to end up with her… but nah he’s a falcon and he didn’t love her as a mate but the thing is….. as the story goes she is being followed because some people wants her dead and she ends up being helped by a wolf that is her FUTURE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. I know. Is a girl. A wolf. But they are happy. And I knew it before the author actually said it as she dance to the wolf ( Betia is the name of the wolf who helped her and her love :)) so yeah. And she decides to give the throne to the next heirs.
5: Wyvernhail
   Hai has always been an outsider. With a falcon mother and a deceased cobra father, she is considered a mongrel by most, an ally by some, and a friend by few. Hai’s broken falcon wings are a painful reminder of the life she once led on the island of Ahnmik. And here in Wyvern’s Court, the avian and serpiente royal family keep their distance, refusing to acknowledge her cobra bloodline. They know that Hai’s magic is so volatile, she can barely control it, and images of the past and future threaten to overwhelm her.
When Hai’s cousin, Oliza Shardae Cobriana, abdicates the throne of Wyvern’s Court, Hai has visions only of destruction: the serpiente king Salem, dying in her arms; the dutiful guard, Nicias, unable to save a generation of children; and Wyvern’s Court engulfed in flames.
Now Hai will do anything to protect her new home – even if it means betraying the very people who need her most
What I thougt:
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO is the end! I’m very sad and happy because I wanted to know too what happened in the end! well in here is kind of the story of Hai. I totally love her and I’m very happy she was the one to save Wyvern’s Court and a lot of lifes. She starts seeing this vision where is this little deadly girl which could be the future kid of Oliza …. OR HERS! just read this awesome book. And really you will love it. It was my favorite. Hai was jut the most brave and powerful of all them. Thanks to this author for giving me the chance to know this story
10/10 ;D

Harry Potter!


I’m going to talk about the famous Harry Potter *drums* hehe!

SO! In the first book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

– My Favorite part was the end-action part when all the teachers made a “test” to anyone who wanted the sorcerer’s stone; and the one I really liked was Snape’s- I mean it was really dangerous but it was interesting how Hermione discovered the right one.

– It was a little sad when Harry saw his parents in The Mirror of Erised but I laugh when Dumbledore had always wanted some socks hahaha-

The second book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

– Wow! I loved the parseltongue thing! (well I like snakes) and of course my favorite part was when Harry was fighting with the gigantic basilisk!
– And of course I can’t forget about Dobby! ❤ muahaha when he aimed at Lucius Malfoy!
– AND I HATE SPIDERS! that Aragog is really scary and huge.
– The car is so random I laughed a lot. And that tree! jeez

The third book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I have to say that I almost cried when they killed my Buckbeak. Since I saw this beautiful hippogriff I liked it. But let me say that I liked more how the book described the first time this students saw a hippogriff, because there were moere than one!
– Then I aslo liked the artifact named Time-Turner, because it’s awesome to be able to go back to the past and be able to save lifes too! but let me say that is a very dangerous thing if is in the wrong hands.
– And of course! Lupin and Sirius!!! I love both of them!. Let’s see; Lupin is a great teacher! I love his office and the things he teached. I did liked the fact that he was a friend of Harry’s father; Sirius is a special person; I really like his feelings; and I was very happy he got the chance to be out of Askaban and that he is Harry’s godfather ❤
– We can’t forget about the dementors. Such scary things that feed from fear… I must say that Harry’s really good at fighting them, because in my opinion they are a hard to fight.

*Fact of my own: I had been two times in Harry Potter castle and everything in Universal (going this week again) and let me tell you the part of the dementors is the worst!

The fourth book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

– I liked how both of the houses; Beauxbatons and Durmstrang; made their arrive.
– One of my favorite things that Mad-Eye teached weas the three worst curses:
* Imperius * Cruciatus * Avada Kedavra
– And then of course the Triwizard Tournament.  It was very interesting and very dangerous.  I was in schock when Voldemort could touch Harry Potter; but hey! it was really cool when Harry’s parents appeared to save him.
-It was disgusting when I saw how Voldemort was. Ew.
– Very sad that Digory died.

 The fifth book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

– Grrr that Ministry of Magic saying that Harry and Dumbledore are lying! Bah! get’s on my nerve… Then that Umbridge I HATE HER. I hate that woman! I mean with that of ” I must not tell lies” but hey the centaurs make her pay!
– DUMBLEDORE ARMY FTW! WOOT! sorry I just love this army. The Room of requirement is really cool. In my opinion I imagine it more like “confort” and place that we could relax and learned at the same time… so in the movie, the room, was okay with the space but not with the looks. Also Hermione idea of the coin really cool.
-Luna! I like this girl! she’s so cute!
-I LOVE THESTRALS! I think I’m like Hagrid sometimes haha, with the liking rare creatures.. I wish I could pet one ❤
-The Order of the Phoenix is just awesome and in Sirius house? BETTER!
-That Kreacher! hmph…
– O-M-G when Harry kissed with Cho Chang hahaha … sorry for this but she’s stupid. Never liked her that much.
-And then the fight in the Ministry was really cool! but I cried when that Bellatrix killed my Sirius! 😦
-And the prophecy ……

The six book: Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince
(This is my second favorite book from Harry Potter serie)

I know Snape is a pain in the butt but… I like him, he is one of my favorite characters. I thought that the half-blood prince was Harry’s dad! But anyway I have to say that Snape knows a lot and that he is very intelligent. Very.
-Then there are the Horcruxes. I love how this new adventure in Harry Potter life is beginning! but… I cried when Dumbledore died! 😦 not cool.
*In my opinion this book is the start to the real adventure in Harry Potter life.*
-And another thing I really liked a lot were the memories. Just wow… this explains a lot and how Voldermort past was… really, really good.


The seventh book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

– My favorite book is this one. I just love it completly! Weddings, Lupin and Tonks and the new baby… and the fight in Hogwarts and YES Harry Potter defeated Voldermort! muahaha hmph. Sad book yes, because of all the dead people but well I did liked it.
– I cried too when Snape was dead. Didn’t stop crying, because of his memories… those sad memories. I really wanted Harry’s mom with Snape. Gonna miss you.
– I loved Albus Severus; son of Harry Potter and Ginny!; I was looking forward, hoping that the author was going to say there will be a new book… if in the future there is I hope is about this kid.






*Made by the author !


Percy Jackson, The Lost Hero and The Kane Chronicles series by Rick Riordan


Percy Jackson is one of my favorite series I had read. I love how this author can put mythology information in a story like this. I really learned a lot with this books and another thing I really liked besides the information it was how much this author knew about places.

Percy Jackson is a trouble kid. He’s been in a lot of schools but did he knew he was a demigod? and not only a demigod but that also he had a prophecy in his life? Later on, Percy discover that he is the son of Poseidon, one of the three that weren’t supposed to have any kids because of a prophecy that will decide the world’s fate. In the first book; The Lightning Thief; is the beginning of Percy’s journey with his best friend; a satyr named Grover and a girl named Annabeth; daughter of the goddess Athena; into the world of demigods and the Olympians!

Then the serie continues with a new one:

Seven half-bloods shall
Answer the call.

To storm or fire the world
Must fall.

An oath to keep with a final

And foes bear arms to the
Doors of death.

Well in this new book; The Lost Hero; is named like that, because this boy named Jason just came here to our awesome camp half-blood… greeks duh but then at the end of the book we discover he is not from this camp! and some other past-family-secrets!. It was a really awesome book; I may say I did liked it more than the percy’s one *gasp* I know but yet I did really liked it; with that dragon stuff and that new role of we must know who is this kid and where is percy!  YOU MUST READ THIS ONE.
 Another serie that Rick Riordan is currently writing is The Kane Chronicles. Egyptian mythology! woho!
Here is the review from

To stop Egyptian god Set from going after their father, siblings Carter and Sadie embark on a dangerous journey across the globe–a quest which brings them ever closer to the truth about their family, and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.

I laugh so much with this two! I mean how they call name to each one haha. Anyway the story is really good and I was surprised when Zia was a doll!! noo! I screamed, poor Carter… I loved the house! I want to live in there haha. And wow this Anubis is really hot!-I mean I had to say it, because how the author made him was really good; thanks Rick!- and anyway I learned a lot too with this books. The second book is way better. I loved the action it had besides what happened. Waiting for the third one!

Now I’m going to show you some of MY pictures of the stuff I have about this series 😉 hope you like them and please comment! ❤

This are my Percy Jackson books tehehe with two awesome t-shirts and a pen LOL.

                                           This are the two books of The Kane Chronicles and the t-shirt :)!

And this are all of the books hehe