Review: The Warlord’s Concubine by: J.E. & M. Keep 18 and older!


Review: The Warlord’s Concubine
       By: J.E. & M. Keep

My review:

“Mirella often wonders what her life would’ve been like had she been born a princess, rather than the property of one.”

 All starts when the beautiful city of Ariste is very illuminated… by the fire and war going in the city because of the invasion of the northern’s; consuming everything that meant something for the elegant princess Anabelle Flair. While Anabelle was with her handmaiden; Mirella; in the height of the palace that took place in the slope of the Ariste Mountain, she asked Mirella where will they go, the only thoughts that crossed Mirella’s were: to reason and sorrunder to them or she could throw herself from the window- only death awaiting her. Then, two barbarians of the northern entered the courts of Ariste ready to take the both of them, and when the two of them thought everything was going to be lost, it came a tall, dark figure, bigger and taller than the other two; he was very dark and smooth… and while he was looking at them the princess started to talk and he decided that the princess was to be his new concubine, but even as he said this his eyes were locked on Mirella’s eyes. Mirella had never felt like this before, such a desire to be a concubine- and even if the northerns feared their lord, she certainly didn’t and she let him know it. 

Later on, their desire and love started to grow. Mirella, now his principal concubine, did everything he asked her. She adored the God-King and wanted to please him in everything he so desired. He choosed her to be his new favorite and even choosed her to breed him an heir.Mirella has never felt like this before; it felt right and she couldn’t feel more happy than to give birth to a child of his. 

When the story continues Mirella gets to know the God-King’s mother: called the Seer of the Ka’reem (people of the northern place) a woman of long white hair, without color in her skin nor eyes- she was blind; she had great powers. When the seer came it was because in those following days a war was going to take place and the God-King, called Kulav, had to go away. But that wasn’t the only reason- it was because she wanted to be close to Mirella; and now because Mirella has Kulav’s blood in her she can be a witch of the coven. Kulav’s not very happy by this as he has seen how his mother has gone because of all the magic and power she has in her- that she shouldn’t, in which she has gone mad. When the God-King leaves for battle, the Seer has another vision and is that her son will have victory, but also death… and by that all the women; including Mirella; started to chant to help their great God-King win… and so they did, other paying more than others but at least Mirella’s baby was going to be all right. The Seer was the one that choosed Mirella for her son- she knew Mirella would do anything for him and she did. 
The Warlord's Concubine
This is the story of how Mirella felt in love with a God-King and how she served him, showing everyone that she was more capable of what they thought.

My thoughts:

 Thank you so much to the authors for giving me an ARC of this book. It was a such a wonderful read… I loved how the story had those changes I never thought of. Let’s be real, I never thought this story would have magic in it, nor many hot-wonderful scenes of love in them. I totally recommend this to anyone that wants to read an erotica book with wonderful descriptions of the places and people and romance/sex in them.



Review: Demonic Dora (The Demon Diaries book #`1) by: Claire Chilton


Review: Demonic Dora (The Demon Diaries book #`1) 
by: Claire Chilton

Not even in hell she is welcome. Meet Dora Carridine, the daughter of Theodore Carridine- a reverend, and her mother, Josie Carridine an ex-pole dancing. Dora has tried every sin she is capable of just to annoy her parents, but for some time she has been practicing dark magic- to summon a demon lord. Her first command if she ever gets a demon lord? Make her room red from the pink-princess room her parents choosed for her.  She decides to try again to summon a demon, but not just a demon- a high-level one. Dora places several black candles (making a circle with them), an ornate pottery bowl with a mixture of herbs, five drops of her blood and a Karabashi bloodstone. Just when she thought this was another failure, she’s being called a witch, with a hot blond demon and everyone wants her to burn. 


1. Dora-> Also known as: “Demonic Dora”, “Minx-witch”, “Dora-minx”. She is human and witch. She’s brave, stubborn, fighter, lazy, intelligent (in her own ways). She’s 5’8, wiht long legs, black hair; and has a really shiny soul, meaning she’s more good than evil. She then (in evil form) had powerful wings. 

2. Kieron-> Kieron Derek Lascher is a demon lord, high-level. His ability is magic. He has high cheekbones, strong jawline, tanned skin, broad shoulders, great butt, abs, blond hair and blue eyes. He’s very brave, intelligent, overreacting, silly, cute, even strong. There’s something at the end of the book which can change what he is ( he then, has white and black wings.

3. Lord Lascher-> Lionel; Kieron’s father. Demon form: Color: black, body with veiny muscles, long fingers, sharp talons, scaly wings and deep voice. Normal form: middle-aed man with slicked black hair and dark blue eyes. He’s very powerful, bussiness man, traitor, he likes to tempt, and very silly when it comes to be with his wife.

4. Lady Lascher-> Anika; Kieron’s mother. Normal form: She’s a petit brunette with wazy hair and wears a sixties style dress. Very powerful (perhaps more than Lionel?), a pain the butt and very, very annoying. 

5. Pooey-> He is a small, brown colored demon with straggly fur, a squashed face and it was limply. Very grumpy and intelligent; has ninja skills and self-esteem issues. He can transform in a six-foot tall teddy with wicked claws and abs. Complete name: Personious Caelius.


  • Lord Lascher, Kieron and Dora had the chance to ride the big, red dragon of the famous The Sky Huntress. There are different flyers but are under her command. Sky Huntress wore flying goggles, had long, blond hair and had a shapely figure. 
  • Kieron’s grandmother comes from under Hell, beneath the lava lakes. Is the level of Hell that is full of sexual deviants. She’s about ten-foot, blond amazon with curves and she looked like she had twenty five; wears a red leather underwear. Very nice and funny. His grandfather is 5’5 and slightly bald; wears black leather pants and a dog collar; his name is Hickory Lascher and his the Headmaster of Daemon Academia.
  • Lascher’s house: Is a vast castle on a hill at the side of the highway, with black pointy spires, with carvings of demons in every ledge, and in the entrance was the open mouth of a demonic creature with sharp teeth.
  • Professor Kazaik-> He is tall and pale, with long black hair. He was the highest warlock in the level. He was a first class professor of power; which meant he was the most powerful demon in the school.
  • They attein power by hating. 
  • Soul chips-> Are to pay; if they are with a lot of light- pure- they have more meaning.
Thanks to NetGalley for this awesome book.!
Ebook Edition: 978-1-938988-17-2 (US)

Taste by Kate Evanelista


      by: Kate Evangelista


My review:

 Barinkoff Academy has one real rule that could meant expulsion: Everyone had to be off campus by sundown.But when break-rules Phoenix McKay falls asleep in the library she is determinated to find someone to take her to the dorms. Just as she goes back to the school (that looks more like a castle) she sees a group of people with different clothing and when she thought they were student they decide they want to taste her flesh. T-A-S-T-E. But she is save by a handsome blue-black hair guy named Dimitri and that’s when all her “normal-nerd”life starts to change just because of curiosity. She realizes Barinkoff Academy has a secret, Day Students and Night students in the same school, persons that want to eat her flesh and the memory of her mother when she died. She’s determinated to know more about this scret; about this Night Students and the handsome Dimitri, and she will help the Night Students and the others flesh eaters in a way no one can suspect; becoming one of them. Will Phoenix McKary find her answer? can she really help, or is she the cause to the end of that race? Will she find love? All the answers are in Barinkoff Academy.

My thoughts:

 I loved Dimitri, Luka and Yana! they are all so sweet. I really like Dimitri but Luka and Yana… I want to be part of that family 😦 haha. This story is really good, I loved the love parts, the fights, and that library was awesome! I would love to hear more of them. I’m going to miss them!!! and the cover is wonderful as well.


And don’t forget about the giveaway!:

The Fall of Ithar by Kevis Hendrickson


The Fall of Ithar The Fall of Ithar 
                by: Kevis Hendrickson

The Fall of Ithar recounts the events of the great war fought to protect the last kingdom of Men from the dreaded hosts of the Shadow-Kings. It is a tale of epic heroes and fearsome villains. Journey to a time when the gods walked among Men and heroes lived and died by their courage!

My review:

 I really enjoyed this easy-fast-reading book becuase it reminds me of King Arthur or like The Lord of the Rings or some sort of a hero from that era. A book were dark magic, battles, blood, and love seems the most important thing if our life. This story is like someone retelling it and talks about the last hope of the human race. 

-If you want a fast reading short story read this one!. Another great story by Kevis Hendrickson.






Review of Shadowland by C.M. Gray:


I have lived more years than I can remember, probably more than the sum of all your years combined. Kings have called me friend and brigands have sworn to burn the flesh from my bones even if they have to search all seven halls of the shadowland to find me.’

On the night of midwinter’s eve, a storyteller takes his listeners back to the Dark ages and a tale from his youth.

Deserted by its Roman masters, Britain has been invaded by the Saxons at the invitation of Vortigern, traitorous leader of the Britons. Now, as the tribes unite to reclaim their land, one man must rise to lead them and become their true and only king.



My Review: 

A old man first named Usher Vance is sitting in his usual-year-story-telling chair preparing himself to tell another of his adventure, when he is interrupted by an old friend; whose eyes are almost yellow. Calvador Craen, a lost brother-friend asks Usher to tell his story, the first adventure that Usher lived. And while Usher Vance is retelling his story… he remembers who he truly is; Uther Pendragon father of Arthur.

-> All starts when the young boys; Usher and Calvador at the age of fourteen; are just having fun in the nature of their village, when a pack of wolfs start attacking them; this makes them to go and climb a tree to hide from the wolfs… when suddenly they are being attack by warriors; The Picts. They just stood there in the trees quiet, watching that horrible massacre. They are the only survivors but also Calvador’s sister has been captive. They most save her. This adventure starts when they are attacked by the blue-painted face Pics and Usher and Calvador go in search of Cal’s sister. While traveling through the forest they see a man called Meryn Link that used to be a warrior that promises to help them in their search of Cal’s sister and to kill the man that burned their village………..

                                                                         5/5 LOVED IT!!!!

Interview with C.M. Gray :

First of all, thanks C.M. Gray, for letting me review this awesome book of yours and for having a interview with me 🙂 *Rides toward King C.M. Gray tower with a black horse*


1) What made you write about King Arthur father?

I have always liked the story of King Arthur and his Knights of the round table. It was a story I grew up hearing. He always carried a magical blade, Excalibur, that he drew from a bloack of solid rock and he was ever guided by the Druid Merlin. But I always wondered what came before? I decided to take the little that is known … Or is thought to be known, and build the story. We knew that as the Romans left Britain, two brothers faught the tratourus pretender king Vortigan for the privilege of leading the tribes of the Britons. Those brothers were Ambrosius and Uther.
Shadowland tells the story of Uther who becomes father to Arthur.

2) Could you please tell me what was your favorite scene in King Arthur story? Did it change through time now that you are older?

I always loved the idea of everyone trying to release Excalibur from the stone but none could until Arthur tried and pulled it free with no effort at all. And I was always intrigued by the mysterious Druid/magician Merlin who guided him, but not always with the best of intentions.

3) To tell you the truth I don’t know much about King Arthur, would you mind telling me what is about it?

The story of Arthur is legend, meaning there is actually no evidence at all that he actually existed. There was a time of about 500 years after the Romans left Britain that left very little written record. This is why that time is called the dark ages. So Arthur leads the Britons against the Saxon invaders. He carries the sword Excalibur, marries his beautiful queen Guinivere and leads the knights who sit at the council table …. Which happens to be round!
To cut a long story short, he is a cool, honest king that has some great adventures. Merlin is the Druid who is guiding all for his own ends. I always thought he was untrustworthy!

4) Who’s your favorite character and why?
Merlin, he may be a dodgy character but he’s a Druid! And he does cool magic stuff!

5) What did you learned when you first read about King Arthur?
the story of King Arthur is a lesson in honesty, loyalty and good triumphing over evil. First penned by a guy called Geoffrey_of_Monmouth about 900 years ago ( that’s like a really long time ago!)


Random Questions: Just to know more about you! 

1 )What do you like most: Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
White … Dark with coffee and Galaxy chocolate if I’m in the UK!

2) Which era you go if you could travel through time?
If I could travel through time I would avoid the dark ages, life was tough back then! I like the idea of going back to the sixties and the era of the Beatles and Rolling Stones. I was born back then but as a small child couldn’t really rock out in the summer of love! I would also love to go back to the dawn of time with nobody else around.

3) What do you like most: Forest or castle?
Castle in a forest? No, to be honest I love nature. My home is deep in the forest close to Barcelona and I love it living in the tree with only wild boar for neighbours!

4) What would you be: A great sword-and-hand-combat warrior or a magician?
Oh, tough one. Love the idea of the magician, but I’ve practised Aikido for 20+ years so have to go for hand to hand warrior!

5) Weapon of choice: Sword, arc, wand,other:__________________
In Aikido we use a wooden sword to practises called a boken, so give me a bright gleaming sharp blade please:)

6) And for last anything more you would like to say :D?
I would like to say thanks for a great interview. Please read my books, Shadowland and very soon The Flight of the Griffin. And also if you love to read, try to write, it’s fun! 

And for last a beautiful picture of King Arthur and Merlin(the dragon) not by me: