Review: Demonic Dora (The Demon Diaries book #`1) by: Claire Chilton


Review: Demonic Dora (The Demon Diaries book #`1) 
by: Claire Chilton

Not even in hell she is welcome. Meet Dora Carridine, the daughter of Theodore Carridine- a reverend, and her mother, Josie Carridine an ex-pole dancing. Dora has tried every sin she is capable of just to annoy her parents, but for some time she has been practicing dark magic- to summon a demon lord. Her first command if she ever gets a demon lord? Make her room red from the pink-princess room her parents choosed for her.  She decides to try again to summon a demon, but not just a demon- a high-level one. Dora places several black candles (making a circle with them), an ornate pottery bowl with a mixture of herbs, five drops of her blood and a Karabashi bloodstone. Just when she thought this was another failure, she’s being called a witch, with a hot blond demon and everyone wants her to burn. 


1. Dora-> Also known as: “Demonic Dora”, “Minx-witch”, “Dora-minx”. She is human and witch. She’s brave, stubborn, fighter, lazy, intelligent (in her own ways). She’s 5’8, wiht long legs, black hair; and has a really shiny soul, meaning she’s more good than evil. She then (in evil form) had powerful wings. 

2. Kieron-> Kieron Derek Lascher is a demon lord, high-level. His ability is magic. He has high cheekbones, strong jawline, tanned skin, broad shoulders, great butt, abs, blond hair and blue eyes. He’s very brave, intelligent, overreacting, silly, cute, even strong. There’s something at the end of the book which can change what he is ( he then, has white and black wings.

3. Lord Lascher-> Lionel; Kieron’s father. Demon form: Color: black, body with veiny muscles, long fingers, sharp talons, scaly wings and deep voice. Normal form: middle-aed man with slicked black hair and dark blue eyes. He’s very powerful, bussiness man, traitor, he likes to tempt, and very silly when it comes to be with his wife.

4. Lady Lascher-> Anika; Kieron’s mother. Normal form: She’s a petit brunette with wazy hair and wears a sixties style dress. Very powerful (perhaps more than Lionel?), a pain the butt and very, very annoying. 

5. Pooey-> He is a small, brown colored demon with straggly fur, a squashed face and it was limply. Very grumpy and intelligent; has ninja skills and self-esteem issues. He can transform in a six-foot tall teddy with wicked claws and abs. Complete name: Personious Caelius.


  • Lord Lascher, Kieron and Dora had the chance to ride the big, red dragon of the famous The Sky Huntress. There are different flyers but are under her command. Sky Huntress wore flying goggles, had long, blond hair and had a shapely figure. 
  • Kieron’s grandmother comes from under Hell, beneath the lava lakes. Is the level of Hell that is full of sexual deviants. She’s about ten-foot, blond amazon with curves and she looked like she had twenty five; wears a red leather underwear. Very nice and funny. His grandfather is 5’5 and slightly bald; wears black leather pants and a dog collar; his name is Hickory Lascher and his the Headmaster of Daemon Academia.
  • Lascher’s house: Is a vast castle on a hill at the side of the highway, with black pointy spires, with carvings of demons in every ledge, and in the entrance was the open mouth of a demonic creature with sharp teeth.
  • Professor Kazaik-> He is tall and pale, with long black hair. He was the highest warlock in the level. He was a first class professor of power; which meant he was the most powerful demon in the school.
  • They attein power by hating. 
  • Soul chips-> Are to pay; if they are with a lot of light- pure- they have more meaning.
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Ebook Edition: 978-1-938988-17-2 (US)


Angelina’s Secret by: Lisa Rogers


Angelina’s Secret! by: Lisa Rogers
*I received an ARC from SPENCER HILL PRESS. Thanks A TONS for giving me the chance to read this really good book.*

As a child, Angelina spent years in counseling learning that Josie, her imaginary friend, wasn’t real, but it turns out her childhood friend wasn’t imaginary after all.Now Angelina has to accept she’s either (A) crazy or (B) able to see ghosts. Wanting to believe in her sanity, she chooses (B) and welcomes Josie back into her life. But even Josie can’t help her deal with Shelly, the spirit of a confused teenager, and things go very, very wrong.When Angelina finds herself in a psychiatric hospital, she faces a choice: she can spend the rest of her life pretending to be someone she isn’t, or she can embrace who she is and take a chance that she may never get to go home.>Goodreads


          This is the story of Angelina. A girl that has the gift to see ghost and how she decides to fight-to show her family that ghost does exist. The major problem in here is that when you also read the free bonus story Angelina’s Friend” A prequel story, that Angel’s mom (Patty) was already jealous and it’s the kind of mom that always think is her fault if a child do something bad or otherwise YOU are the bad one; Patty is nor very good at listening. Angelina it’s a very good girl, with very good grades and a “normal life” besides the thing that she can sees ghost. Patty, when Angelina was young, decided to put Angelina in a nut house because she always thought that there was something wrong with her daughter…. well she did it again but this time it was worse as Angelina now knows she’s not crazy but has a gift. Later on she meets this girl Kobi that will help her in a way I WON’T TELL (muahaha) but you will really like her. And well Angelina had vision but it was because Josie was trying to talk to her…


1) Angelina-> Main character. She has long blondehair,  with blue crystal eyes. She’s a cheerleader and has very good grades.

2) Patty-> Is the mother of Angel and Sam. She was a cheerleader.

3) Daphne-> Best friend of Angelina. She has short brown hair.

4)  Kobi-> Another friend of Angelina. She can… I won’t tell you!. And she loves to wear black, but even so she uses bright color to visit her mother.

5) Rebecca-> She’s Kobi mom. She has the gift as well.

6) Jason-> Ex for a time and now Boyfriend of Angelina. Very cute with soft, thick dark hair and a very sexy voice.

7) Ken-> Is Angelina’s dad. He does listen and he’s very sweet ;). I imagine him very tall with dark brown hair, and tanned.

8) Tommy-> What a sweet little boy! is the kid from her first vision.

9) Josie-> I love you Josie! it’s like Angel said, you are to me like a grandma’. She’s the first ghost Angelina sees.

10) Shelly-> It was Patty’s best friend. She died in a accident. She was too a cheerleader.

11) Sam-> A very hot guy- I mean sorry. He is the brother of Angelina. He’s very sweet ;).

12) Adie-> She owns the house Angelina lives now. Another ghost.

13) Dr. Bowman-> The stupid doctor.

14) Rosalie-> She’s another ghost. She used to work in the italian restaurant that reminds me of Olive Garden…. ahhhh..

*Of course there are more characters but this are most of the main.*

This picture is not mine! but there is the cover of the book and the angel! that angel appears when Patty is explaining that she always wanted a girl. HOW CUTE!


YOU will NEVER know, until the end if she’s crazy or not.
Angelina’s Friend
This is the short story when Angel was a little girl and played and played with Josie until her mother had enough.
Angelina's Friend