Review: Demonic Dora (The Demon Diaries book #`1) by: Claire Chilton


Review: Demonic Dora (The Demon Diaries book #`1) 
by: Claire Chilton

Not even in hell she is welcome. Meet Dora Carridine, the daughter of Theodore Carridine- a reverend, and her mother, Josie Carridine an ex-pole dancing. Dora has tried every sin she is capable of just to annoy her parents, but for some time she has been practicing dark magic- to summon a demon lord. Her first command if she ever gets a demon lord? Make her room red from the pink-princess room her parents choosed for her.  She decides to try again to summon a demon, but not just a demon- a high-level one. Dora places several black candles (making a circle with them), an ornate pottery bowl with a mixture of herbs, five drops of her blood and a Karabashi bloodstone. Just when she thought this was another failure, she’s being called a witch, with a hot blond demon and everyone wants her to burn. 


1. Dora-> Also known as: “Demonic Dora”, “Minx-witch”, “Dora-minx”. She is human and witch. She’s brave, stubborn, fighter, lazy, intelligent (in her own ways). She’s 5’8, wiht long legs, black hair; and has a really shiny soul, meaning she’s more good than evil. She then (in evil form) had powerful wings. 

2. Kieron-> Kieron Derek Lascher is a demon lord, high-level. His ability is magic. He has high cheekbones, strong jawline, tanned skin, broad shoulders, great butt, abs, blond hair and blue eyes. He’s very brave, intelligent, overreacting, silly, cute, even strong. There’s something at the end of the book which can change what he is ( he then, has white and black wings.

3. Lord Lascher-> Lionel; Kieron’s father. Demon form: Color: black, body with veiny muscles, long fingers, sharp talons, scaly wings and deep voice. Normal form: middle-aed man with slicked black hair and dark blue eyes. He’s very powerful, bussiness man, traitor, he likes to tempt, and very silly when it comes to be with his wife.

4. Lady Lascher-> Anika; Kieron’s mother. Normal form: She’s a petit brunette with wazy hair and wears a sixties style dress. Very powerful (perhaps more than Lionel?), a pain the butt and very, very annoying. 

5. Pooey-> He is a small, brown colored demon with straggly fur, a squashed face and it was limply. Very grumpy and intelligent; has ninja skills and self-esteem issues. He can transform in a six-foot tall teddy with wicked claws and abs. Complete name: Personious Caelius.


  • Lord Lascher, Kieron and Dora had the chance to ride the big, red dragon of the famous The Sky Huntress. There are different flyers but are under her command. Sky Huntress wore flying goggles, had long, blond hair and had a shapely figure. 
  • Kieron’s grandmother comes from under Hell, beneath the lava lakes. Is the level of Hell that is full of sexual deviants. She’s about ten-foot, blond amazon with curves and she looked like she had twenty five; wears a red leather underwear. Very nice and funny. His grandfather is 5’5 and slightly bald; wears black leather pants and a dog collar; his name is Hickory Lascher and his the Headmaster of Daemon Academia.
  • Lascher’s house: Is a vast castle on a hill at the side of the highway, with black pointy spires, with carvings of demons in every ledge, and in the entrance was the open mouth of a demonic creature with sharp teeth.
  • Professor Kazaik-> He is tall and pale, with long black hair. He was the highest warlock in the level. He was a first class professor of power; which meant he was the most powerful demon in the school.
  • They attein power by hating. 
  • Soul chips-> Are to pay; if they are with a lot of light- pure- they have more meaning.
Thanks to NetGalley for this awesome book.!
Ebook Edition: 978-1-938988-17-2 (US)


The Kindling by Braden Bell


The Kindling
                By: Braden Bell

My review:

 At the age of thirteen years old, three young kindling named Melanie, Conner and Lexa are changing. Conner, the twin of Lexa is getting sick of a bully named Geoffrey and because of the situations that Geofrrey is making Conner pass, the changes had started by “weird” situations like turning his pants on fire, doing holes by punching the lockers and such as getting the three friends in problem. They think their teachers wants to kill them, as they are sending each other emails, and worst of all they are watching them. Just as they thought there was no exit to this, they meet Light and Darkness and now that they know the truth they must decided if to fight for the Light. What will happen with Darkness?


My thoughts:                                   

 I loved, loved, loved this story. I wish I could write and read so many stories as this one. I didn’t stopped until I finished and I wish for more… I think there’s going to be right? what happened with ________ and _______? (muahaha read the book and find out who they are) and well I really like the plot, the characters and the magic! (well energy-magic) and little Madi is such a cute girl! and I think she will be one of them too, if you know what I mean. Is an awesome story and I recommend this to E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E-! It has magic, action, a little romance, friendship, fantasy; just everything.

5/5 <3!


Thanks to Netgalley for the copy :))

* I will be doing soon a sort of a book that looks that its old with my sister among other things so stay tuned to see the things I do with that. *

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Review of Shadowland by C.M. Gray:


I have lived more years than I can remember, probably more than the sum of all your years combined. Kings have called me friend and brigands have sworn to burn the flesh from my bones even if they have to search all seven halls of the shadowland to find me.’

On the night of midwinter’s eve, a storyteller takes his listeners back to the Dark ages and a tale from his youth.

Deserted by its Roman masters, Britain has been invaded by the Saxons at the invitation of Vortigern, traitorous leader of the Britons. Now, as the tribes unite to reclaim their land, one man must rise to lead them and become their true and only king.



My Review: 

A old man first named Usher Vance is sitting in his usual-year-story-telling chair preparing himself to tell another of his adventure, when he is interrupted by an old friend; whose eyes are almost yellow. Calvador Craen, a lost brother-friend asks Usher to tell his story, the first adventure that Usher lived. And while Usher Vance is retelling his story… he remembers who he truly is; Uther Pendragon father of Arthur.

-> All starts when the young boys; Usher and Calvador at the age of fourteen; are just having fun in the nature of their village, when a pack of wolfs start attacking them; this makes them to go and climb a tree to hide from the wolfs… when suddenly they are being attack by warriors; The Picts. They just stood there in the trees quiet, watching that horrible massacre. They are the only survivors but also Calvador’s sister has been captive. They most save her. This adventure starts when they are attacked by the blue-painted face Pics and Usher and Calvador go in search of Cal’s sister. While traveling through the forest they see a man called Meryn Link that used to be a warrior that promises to help them in their search of Cal’s sister and to kill the man that burned their village………..

                                                                         5/5 LOVED IT!!!!

Interview with C.M. Gray :

First of all, thanks C.M. Gray, for letting me review this awesome book of yours and for having a interview with me 🙂 *Rides toward King C.M. Gray tower with a black horse*


1) What made you write about King Arthur father?

I have always liked the story of King Arthur and his Knights of the round table. It was a story I grew up hearing. He always carried a magical blade, Excalibur, that he drew from a bloack of solid rock and he was ever guided by the Druid Merlin. But I always wondered what came before? I decided to take the little that is known … Or is thought to be known, and build the story. We knew that as the Romans left Britain, two brothers faught the tratourus pretender king Vortigan for the privilege of leading the tribes of the Britons. Those brothers were Ambrosius and Uther.
Shadowland tells the story of Uther who becomes father to Arthur.

2) Could you please tell me what was your favorite scene in King Arthur story? Did it change through time now that you are older?

I always loved the idea of everyone trying to release Excalibur from the stone but none could until Arthur tried and pulled it free with no effort at all. And I was always intrigued by the mysterious Druid/magician Merlin who guided him, but not always with the best of intentions.

3) To tell you the truth I don’t know much about King Arthur, would you mind telling me what is about it?

The story of Arthur is legend, meaning there is actually no evidence at all that he actually existed. There was a time of about 500 years after the Romans left Britain that left very little written record. This is why that time is called the dark ages. So Arthur leads the Britons against the Saxon invaders. He carries the sword Excalibur, marries his beautiful queen Guinivere and leads the knights who sit at the council table …. Which happens to be round!
To cut a long story short, he is a cool, honest king that has some great adventures. Merlin is the Druid who is guiding all for his own ends. I always thought he was untrustworthy!

4) Who’s your favorite character and why?
Merlin, he may be a dodgy character but he’s a Druid! And he does cool magic stuff!

5) What did you learned when you first read about King Arthur?
the story of King Arthur is a lesson in honesty, loyalty and good triumphing over evil. First penned by a guy called Geoffrey_of_Monmouth about 900 years ago ( that’s like a really long time ago!)


Random Questions: Just to know more about you! 

1 )What do you like most: Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
White … Dark with coffee and Galaxy chocolate if I’m in the UK!

2) Which era you go if you could travel through time?
If I could travel through time I would avoid the dark ages, life was tough back then! I like the idea of going back to the sixties and the era of the Beatles and Rolling Stones. I was born back then but as a small child couldn’t really rock out in the summer of love! I would also love to go back to the dawn of time with nobody else around.

3) What do you like most: Forest or castle?
Castle in a forest? No, to be honest I love nature. My home is deep in the forest close to Barcelona and I love it living in the tree with only wild boar for neighbours!

4) What would you be: A great sword-and-hand-combat warrior or a magician?
Oh, tough one. Love the idea of the magician, but I’ve practised Aikido for 20+ years so have to go for hand to hand warrior!

5) Weapon of choice: Sword, arc, wand,other:__________________
In Aikido we use a wooden sword to practises called a boken, so give me a bright gleaming sharp blade please:)

6) And for last anything more you would like to say :D?
I would like to say thanks for a great interview. Please read my books, Shadowland and very soon The Flight of the Griffin. And also if you love to read, try to write, it’s fun! 

And for last a beautiful picture of King Arthur and Merlin(the dragon) not by me:


Angelina’s Secret by: Lisa Rogers


Angelina’s Secret! by: Lisa Rogers
*I received an ARC from SPENCER HILL PRESS. Thanks A TONS for giving me the chance to read this really good book.*

As a child, Angelina spent years in counseling learning that Josie, her imaginary friend, wasn’t real, but it turns out her childhood friend wasn’t imaginary after all.Now Angelina has to accept she’s either (A) crazy or (B) able to see ghosts. Wanting to believe in her sanity, she chooses (B) and welcomes Josie back into her life. But even Josie can’t help her deal with Shelly, the spirit of a confused teenager, and things go very, very wrong.When Angelina finds herself in a psychiatric hospital, she faces a choice: she can spend the rest of her life pretending to be someone she isn’t, or she can embrace who she is and take a chance that she may never get to go home.>Goodreads


          This is the story of Angelina. A girl that has the gift to see ghost and how she decides to fight-to show her family that ghost does exist. The major problem in here is that when you also read the free bonus story Angelina’s Friend” A prequel story, that Angel’s mom (Patty) was already jealous and it’s the kind of mom that always think is her fault if a child do something bad or otherwise YOU are the bad one; Patty is nor very good at listening. Angelina it’s a very good girl, with very good grades and a “normal life” besides the thing that she can sees ghost. Patty, when Angelina was young, decided to put Angelina in a nut house because she always thought that there was something wrong with her daughter…. well she did it again but this time it was worse as Angelina now knows she’s not crazy but has a gift. Later on she meets this girl Kobi that will help her in a way I WON’T TELL (muahaha) but you will really like her. And well Angelina had vision but it was because Josie was trying to talk to her…


1) Angelina-> Main character. She has long blondehair,  with blue crystal eyes. She’s a cheerleader and has very good grades.

2) Patty-> Is the mother of Angel and Sam. She was a cheerleader.

3) Daphne-> Best friend of Angelina. She has short brown hair.

4)  Kobi-> Another friend of Angelina. She can… I won’t tell you!. And she loves to wear black, but even so she uses bright color to visit her mother.

5) Rebecca-> She’s Kobi mom. She has the gift as well.

6) Jason-> Ex for a time and now Boyfriend of Angelina. Very cute with soft, thick dark hair and a very sexy voice.

7) Ken-> Is Angelina’s dad. He does listen and he’s very sweet ;). I imagine him very tall with dark brown hair, and tanned.

8) Tommy-> What a sweet little boy! is the kid from her first vision.

9) Josie-> I love you Josie! it’s like Angel said, you are to me like a grandma’. She’s the first ghost Angelina sees.

10) Shelly-> It was Patty’s best friend. She died in a accident. She was too a cheerleader.

11) Sam-> A very hot guy- I mean sorry. He is the brother of Angelina. He’s very sweet ;).

12) Adie-> She owns the house Angelina lives now. Another ghost.

13) Dr. Bowman-> The stupid doctor.

14) Rosalie-> She’s another ghost. She used to work in the italian restaurant that reminds me of Olive Garden…. ahhhh..

*Of course there are more characters but this are most of the main.*

This picture is not mine! but there is the cover of the book and the angel! that angel appears when Patty is explaining that she always wanted a girl. HOW CUTE!


YOU will NEVER know, until the end if she’s crazy or not.
Angelina’s Friend
This is the short story when Angel was a little girl and played and played with Josie until her mother had enough.
Angelina's Friend

Harry Potter!


I’m going to talk about the famous Harry Potter *drums* hehe!

SO! In the first book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

– My Favorite part was the end-action part when all the teachers made a “test” to anyone who wanted the sorcerer’s stone; and the one I really liked was Snape’s- I mean it was really dangerous but it was interesting how Hermione discovered the right one.

– It was a little sad when Harry saw his parents in The Mirror of Erised but I laugh when Dumbledore had always wanted some socks hahaha-

The second book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

– Wow! I loved the parseltongue thing! (well I like snakes) and of course my favorite part was when Harry was fighting with the gigantic basilisk!
– And of course I can’t forget about Dobby! ❤ muahaha when he aimed at Lucius Malfoy!
– AND I HATE SPIDERS! that Aragog is really scary and huge.
– The car is so random I laughed a lot. And that tree! jeez

The third book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I have to say that I almost cried when they killed my Buckbeak. Since I saw this beautiful hippogriff I liked it. But let me say that I liked more how the book described the first time this students saw a hippogriff, because there were moere than one!
– Then I aslo liked the artifact named Time-Turner, because it’s awesome to be able to go back to the past and be able to save lifes too! but let me say that is a very dangerous thing if is in the wrong hands.
– And of course! Lupin and Sirius!!! I love both of them!. Let’s see; Lupin is a great teacher! I love his office and the things he teached. I did liked the fact that he was a friend of Harry’s father; Sirius is a special person; I really like his feelings; and I was very happy he got the chance to be out of Askaban and that he is Harry’s godfather ❤
– We can’t forget about the dementors. Such scary things that feed from fear… I must say that Harry’s really good at fighting them, because in my opinion they are a hard to fight.

*Fact of my own: I had been two times in Harry Potter castle and everything in Universal (going this week again) and let me tell you the part of the dementors is the worst!

The fourth book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

– I liked how both of the houses; Beauxbatons and Durmstrang; made their arrive.
– One of my favorite things that Mad-Eye teached weas the three worst curses:
* Imperius * Cruciatus * Avada Kedavra
– And then of course the Triwizard Tournament.  It was very interesting and very dangerous.  I was in schock when Voldemort could touch Harry Potter; but hey! it was really cool when Harry’s parents appeared to save him.
-It was disgusting when I saw how Voldemort was. Ew.
– Very sad that Digory died.

 The fifth book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

– Grrr that Ministry of Magic saying that Harry and Dumbledore are lying! Bah! get’s on my nerve… Then that Umbridge I HATE HER. I hate that woman! I mean with that of ” I must not tell lies” but hey the centaurs make her pay!
– DUMBLEDORE ARMY FTW! WOOT! sorry I just love this army. The Room of requirement is really cool. In my opinion I imagine it more like “confort” and place that we could relax and learned at the same time… so in the movie, the room, was okay with the space but not with the looks. Also Hermione idea of the coin really cool.
-Luna! I like this girl! she’s so cute!
-I LOVE THESTRALS! I think I’m like Hagrid sometimes haha, with the liking rare creatures.. I wish I could pet one ❤
-The Order of the Phoenix is just awesome and in Sirius house? BETTER!
-That Kreacher! hmph…
– O-M-G when Harry kissed with Cho Chang hahaha … sorry for this but she’s stupid. Never liked her that much.
-And then the fight in the Ministry was really cool! but I cried when that Bellatrix killed my Sirius! ðŸ˜¦
-And the prophecy ……

The six book: Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince
(This is my second favorite book from Harry Potter serie)

I know Snape is a pain in the butt but… I like him, he is one of my favorite characters. I thought that the half-blood prince was Harry’s dad! But anyway I have to say that Snape knows a lot and that he is very intelligent. Very.
-Then there are the Horcruxes. I love how this new adventure in Harry Potter life is beginning! but… I cried when Dumbledore died! 😦 not cool.
*In my opinion this book is the start to the real adventure in Harry Potter life.*
-And another thing I really liked a lot were the memories. Just wow… this explains a lot and how Voldermort past was… really, really good.


The seventh book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

– My favorite book is this one. I just love it completly! Weddings, Lupin and Tonks and the new baby… and the fight in Hogwarts and YES Harry Potter defeated Voldermort! muahaha hmph. Sad book yes, because of all the dead people but well I did liked it.
– I cried too when Snape was dead. Didn’t stop crying, because of his memories… those sad memories. I really wanted Harry’s mom with Snape. Gonna miss you.
– I loved Albus Severus; son of Harry Potter and Ginny!; I was looking forward, hoping that the author was going to say there will be a new book… if in the future there is I hope is about this kid.






*Made by the author !


Percy Jackson, The Lost Hero and The Kane Chronicles series by Rick Riordan


Percy Jackson is one of my favorite series I had read. I love how this author can put mythology information in a story like this. I really learned a lot with this books and another thing I really liked besides the information it was how much this author knew about places.

Percy Jackson is a trouble kid. He’s been in a lot of schools but did he knew he was a demigod? and not only a demigod but that also he had a prophecy in his life? Later on, Percy discover that he is the son of Poseidon, one of the three that weren’t supposed to have any kids because of a prophecy that will decide the world’s fate. In the first book; The Lightning Thief; is the beginning of Percy’s journey with his best friend; a satyr named Grover and a girl named Annabeth; daughter of the goddess Athena; into the world of demigods and the Olympians!

Then the serie continues with a new one:

Seven half-bloods shall
Answer the call.

To storm or fire the world
Must fall.

An oath to keep with a final

And foes bear arms to the
Doors of death.

Well in this new book; The Lost Hero; is named like that, because this boy named Jason just came here to our awesome camp half-blood… greeks duh but then at the end of the book we discover he is not from this camp! and some other past-family-secrets!. It was a really awesome book; I may say I did liked it more than the percy’s one *gasp* I know but yet I did really liked it; with that dragon stuff and that new role of we must know who is this kid and where is percy!  YOU MUST READ THIS ONE.
 Another serie that Rick Riordan is currently writing is The Kane Chronicles. Egyptian mythology! woho!
Here is the review from

To stop Egyptian god Set from going after their father, siblings Carter and Sadie embark on a dangerous journey across the globe–a quest which brings them ever closer to the truth about their family, and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.

I laugh so much with this two! I mean how they call name to each one haha. Anyway the story is really good and I was surprised when Zia was a doll!! noo! I screamed, poor Carter… I loved the house! I want to live in there haha. And wow this Anubis is really hot!-I mean I had to say it, because how the author made him was really good; thanks Rick!- and anyway I learned a lot too with this books. The second book is way better. I loved the action it had besides what happened. Waiting for the third one!

Now I’m going to show you some of MY pictures of the stuff I have about this series 😉 hope you like them and please comment! ❤

This are my Percy Jackson books tehehe with two awesome t-shirts and a pen LOL.

                                           This are the two books of The Kane Chronicles and the t-shirt :)!

And this are all of the books hehe