The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Bewer

Book one: Eight Grade Bites:
This is when Vlad’s journey to the vampire world begins! and he discovers some of the secrets that were held because he was not “prepared”. But not everything is good. There is a prophecy about one vampire that it wasn’t made but born… is it Vlad? Find it out!

Second book: Ninth Grade Slays:
There is this stalker annoying Vlad- for the reason that he saw how Vlad’s eyes changed color to purple and now he knows that Vlad is a vampire and is doing anything to prove it. But that’s not all. There is a slayer in his town and a big surprise of who he is will make you scream when you know it …  but there’s Joss- Henry’s cousin that is the new friend of Vlad but he likes the same girl that Vlad! Later on Vlad goes to Siberia to learn more about his abilities …. will Vlad return from the dead?

Book three: Tenth Grade Bleeds
D’ablo it’s back- again and it’s demanding Tomas (Vlad father) journal, to steal Vlad powers. At the same time Henry doesn’t wants to be anymore Vlad’s drudge… Will Vlad survive again in this fight?

Book four: Eleventh Grade Burns
Prepare to be shock. Specially at the end. Vlad meets an old beautiful vampire named Dorian who in the end helps Vlad and tells everything about the prophecy. Joss is more freaking annoying and I am glad that Vlad beat the shit out of him (haha)… Vlad also meets another girl- which I really like thank you very much- named Snow. A gothic beauty perfect to be a vampire and becomes his second drudge and his secret…

 Book five: Twelfth Grade Kills
The finale to this awesome book (tear tear) now now. You have to be prepare to this secrets. D’Ablo is dead. (SPOILER and now Vlad’s dad is back… but someone is killing vampires and there is a traitor. Is it Otis? is it Tomas? or….. isn’t alone? Well I was really surprise and I am a (SPOILER) little sad that i thought it could be ( a little) Otis… (SUPER SPOILER) I am super sad that Nelly died. That Vlad had to end his father life because Tomas was mad! and also Vikas.. oh Vikas I never thought he was one of the traitors.. anyway But I am REALLY GLAD that Snow is a vampire know, that Otis is alive and they are going to be just fine. BUT I am really angry because the book end as that now Snow eyes also change color!

Have you noticed that only five vampires (they were four- including Vlad but now five because of Snow) are the only one that their eyes change color right? well also there are FIVE books and each book is the color of their eyes!!!!!!!!! red, orange, blue, purple and green…. 😀

Sad that isn’t anymore Vlad whose story we are gonna read. But is JOSS. Yes our slayer that even if he was annoying I like him too.

The Slayer Chronicles:
 COMING SOON – September 20, 2011

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The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Journal
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Tell me your opinion or whatever you want to talk about this serie! ❤