Author Interview and Review: Magic Academy by Jillian Keep


Review: Magic Academy

By: Jillian Keep

Magic Academy

Firia’s father worked nights but that didn’t mattered to her; it was the perfect opportunity for her to hang around the dark corridors for the Arcane Academy, a place which few humans had gone. Besides, at nights she didn’t had to meet the high elves. She went around to see the buildings and learn about them but she always went back to the same place: The Grand Library. The place in which she had spent her childhood reading tomes of spells and secrets. But as she learned more, she longed for more and more and because of that besides reading she practiced spells. Until one day she finds a hidden black book which she studied in detail before casting her first ritual. This spell was going to help her achieve her grand goal: to enter to the Academy, to make the elves notice a human. She was a human. Later on, in the library’s study room she finds herself in front of a monstrous being, the one she had summoned- a being called Varuj. He knows she wants to be a powerful sorceress and he will do anything to help her.

“He grinned unevenly at her. “Does it bother you, little human? He took hold of that massive length, gripped it in his hand and began to stroke it-actually stroke it!-right in front of her. He stared down at her petite form, mouth hanging open, fangs on display as he tongued his lower lip.”

My thoughts:

Just WOW, I have read other stories from them but I really have to say this book is my favorite so far. I can’t really wait to read the others book that will hopefully come. This story, besides having a lot of fantasy, has sweet erotica scenes and I really love the characters. I really liked Varuj since I started reading about him- there’s something about him that captures you, his maneuver, how he knows everyhting and simply because he’s the perfect package: hot and intelligent. But of course I didn’t liked what he did with someone. Firia well she’s nice and again I like that she’s really intelligent but for me she’s not my favorite, but if it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have smexy scenes.  Then there’s Mae’lin; he’s the first one to have ever talk to her (he’s an elven) and I really have to say that even if I love Varuj he’s really is competition for the hot demon. Mae’lin’s not only sweet and intelligent, he is a great fighter and he’s really nice and a good friend. What happened with him at the end (read the book!) was really shocking and that’s the main reason of why I want to continue reading this story. Mae’lin started to grow on me and I hope to see him more… I think the authors are having little issues if to leave her with Varuj or with Mae’lin- I really want to know what happens and this is the first time I have ever wondered with whom she will stay. The school is awesome, I love that they had to learn a new language and their final examination was pretty neat. Overall such a really good, I loved it and I want more of it. This authors are really getting better if they aren’t already. Thank you so much for the ARC.




Taste by Kate Evanelista


      by: Kate Evangelista


My review:

 Barinkoff Academy has one real rule that could meant expulsion: Everyone had to be off campus by sundown.But when break-rules Phoenix McKay falls asleep in the library she is determinated to find someone to take her to the dorms. Just as she goes back to the school (that looks more like a castle) she sees a group of people with different clothing and when she thought they were student they decide they want to taste her flesh. T-A-S-T-E. But she is save by a handsome blue-black hair guy named Dimitri and that’s when all her “normal-nerd”life starts to change just because of curiosity. She realizes Barinkoff Academy has a secret, Day Students and Night students in the same school, persons that want to eat her flesh and the memory of her mother when she died. She’s determinated to know more about this scret; about this Night Students and the handsome Dimitri, and she will help the Night Students and the others flesh eaters in a way no one can suspect; becoming one of them. Will Phoenix McKary find her answer? can she really help, or is she the cause to the end of that race? Will she find love? All the answers are in Barinkoff Academy.

My thoughts:

 I loved Dimitri, Luka and Yana! they are all so sweet. I really like Dimitri but Luka and Yana… I want to be part of that family 😦 haha. This story is really good, I loved the love parts, the fights, and that library was awesome! I would love to hear more of them. I’m going to miss them!!! and the cover is wonderful as well.


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Sworn( The Vampire Legends book 1) by Emma Knight

Sworn( The Vampire Legends book 1) 
                                                                         by Emma Knight

Sworn (The Vampire Legends, #1)

My review: 

Rachel Wood. The middle daughter of three kids; just as she is going to tenth grade she has to move from Pennsylvania to a suburb in Westchester, New York. Everything starts by Rachel being kind of a rebel with her actions; she doesn’t want to go, she doesn’t want to do anything and she can’t just stop thinking about what is going to happen in her new school. The first day she saw the most cute boy. He was american, jock type; dirty blond hair, green eyes and perfect skin and a football player; he was Rob Greene. Just as she is turning from ” angel to demon” she starts having friends; punks and goths but not only those girls that are her new friends use drugs and drink… everyone is shool does it and seems normal. Just when she realizes that Rob is a player she meets in a weird way a beautiful and cold-hand guy named Benji; with a motocycle; riding boots, black jeans, a leather jacket, a faded white t-shirt and a grey bandana, besides that he had the brightest blue eyes and long dirty blonde hair. He just sees her and asks her if she wants a ride- both know this is crazy- and she says yes. Just as their date was going “fine” she starts having questions about Who he Really is.

                                                                    My opinion:

  Okay. This is kind of sad. I expected a little more. I just simply don’t like the fact that she is so damn plastic and wanna be popular. Just be yourself! and at the same time she is so inmature in the way that she can’t recognize when a guy is a player and she quickly felt in love with him! huh?! the other thing is like some parts (sorry for saying this :C) were like a copy and paste of other books, for example: when he almost told her what he was they were in…. guess? in the woods! so it looks like TWILIGHT and the other thing was their first date and their accident was in a amusement park- sort of like HUSH HUSH… but anyhow I still want to keep reading about this story and I HOPE is better :).